John Beck on Martha’s Book’s newsletter recently noted that John Beck, the former husband of Martha Beck, had written a review of her recent book that blasts the Church. Though John has left the Church, his review raises some questions about a few of Martha’s allegations. The best way to get to John’s review is by this link at I sympathize with John’s frustration. also has their own review of Martha’s book.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “John Beck on Martha’s Book

  1. Hmm, this review didn’t have the little button for voting on it, etc.

    But John’s comments were interesting, thanks for the link.

  2. Martha Beck does not ‘blast’ the LDS church. She simply writes what happened to her, and how some LDS members responded. Sexual abuse happens to women and little girls everywhere, what are YOU doing to make sure it stops?

  3. I read another of Martha Beck's books in which some of the characters put into question her intregity and memory. Sounds like a habit.

  4. I agree — she didn't "blast" the LDS but simply told her story. She seemed to go out of her way to include positive things about it. Do Mormons really think there's NO sexual abuse going on in their church? I've never seen them do anything but attack those who are recovering from similar incidents and they routinely council the women to keep it quiet. The same thing happens in my (Catholic) church and it's really time for people to stop putting up with it.

  5. After reading Martha Beck's book and comparing it with rebuttals written by family members and others involved in the incidents she discusses, I have come to the conclusion that Ms. Beck suffers from a mental illness, possibly borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder. The other people involved in her stories are denying that they happened the way she represents them. I do not think Ms. Beck is a liar. I do think she is ill.

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