Provident Living: Don’t Return to Old Ways

There’s a lot of hope springing in the economy right now if you’re listening to major media outlets and politicians, in spite of some of the most frightening indicators of economic slowdown and unemployment. Some people have started succumbing to hope again as they pull out their credit cards and sell off more of their future. I sure hope things will pick up, but I think the wise course now is to continue doing all we can to be self-sufficient and to avoid crushing debt, in spite of the terrible examples of political leaders over the past few decades who seem to relish debt. This is the time to build provisions for the future. Do you have a solid food storage program?

Do you realize that the lives of your loved ones may literally depend on what you have stored? Your food storage may become more than just a great way to get through a period of unemployment. It can be the key to survival for you and others around you in a natural disaster or in a man-made economic disaster. Zimbabwe may be on the other side of the world, but they have been following very similar economic policies and are now reaping the consequences of insane government spending and crushing debt. Their money, once roughly equivalent to ours, went through hyperinflation and is now worthless. People are going hungry and their economy collapsing due to the greed of totalitarian politicians. This can happen to once prosperous nations. If we can’t get our government to restrain itself with the flood of fiat money it is creating to fund its spending orgy, who can stop the tsunami of debt and inflation from eventually reaching our shores? Sober preparation is needed, coupled with active efforts to elect honorable men and women who will not burden future generations with impossible levels of debt.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

9 thoughts on “Provident Living: Don’t Return to Old Ways

  1. Jeff and I normally don't agree on much but I agree that storing away some food isn't a bad idea. But my example would be with the swine flu returning with a stronger strain in the fall.

    I was thinking the other day… If I needed to not get out in public for two weeks do I have what I need to make it through and the answer was no.

  2. Quick economic turn-arounds in the scriptures used to puzzle me. I've wondered by what economic magic mix of law and controls a leader might repeat such miracles. Maybe I've come across a better secret than such a mix.

    Righteous people aren't a people to multiply laws. Some laws make it harder to start businesses and create enonomic opportunities for others. Another category of law may hinder some people from being self-reliant and may potentially fall also within the former category. One example of the latter will do: a "health and safety" excused prohibition on live stock on being present on any parcel smaller than one acre – making it illegal to raise chickens for eggs, rabbits for food or for sale, or a goat for milk, on smaller parcels. I believe most Americans with yards live on a plot from one tenth to one fifth that size and would be barred from self-sustainability by such a regulation.

    I understand that in Holland people have their living quarters above the place where their animals live. And I understand that Hollanders are a healtier people than we. So does it follow that we need to protect each other from a few chickens near us?

    Could you imagine the freedom we would have if we were a nation that believed in God enough to follow Jesus' way of not multiplying laws?!

    If we are not ready for Jesus' return, perhaps it's partly because we don't want only the laws Jesus would give.

    Is it possible that we want to boss each other around too much? Perhaps we like our politicians and our neighbors saying: "No! No goat on your half acre! No! No chickens on the other side of my fence! No! It's the law! You'll live by the law or be damned by the law!"

    Interestingly, the Lord gives laws to liberate us rather than to damn us. How unlike so much of our body of present, local, regional, state and federal regulations would the laws of Jesus be!

    Most representative from either of the two major parties seem to believe (or pretend to believe) that we can fix the economy with economic policies instead of by restoring the individual liberties that Jesus would restore.

    All together, we Americans seem to be missing the boat. Jesus wouldn't enact laws against the healthier lifestyle of the Hollanders – and he wouldn't against us. If we believe in him, we shouldn't want to either.

    Let's be Christian enough to give and get our old liberties back.

  3. The newest car I own is a 2002, my house is paid for, I have a basement with food storage. You can store food and get completely out of debt and live responsibly, But I cannot control the amount of debt that the government is creating nor the tax burden they will inevitably levy on us all. A person I carpool with whom is a cheerleader for all things liberal and progressive, made the statement that at least because of the bailouts she would not loose her savings , she has no understanding that in the long run it is going to cost everyone way more that any savings she may have saved with the bailout. when this train wreck finally comes to a halt this country will be a much different place for her children and her grand kids. I do agree with her that we will be better society when we come out of this but it will not be soon nor painless, nor will it be because of our government policies but in spite of them.

  4. Anon @ 8:50, the LDS church hasn't been trying to get its members to build a food storage for the past century without providing a heck of a lot of useful guidance to do so:,11677,1706-1,00.html.

    Nathan, our government long ago has "fenced in the commons." On the bright side, I've got a big ol' piece of land and everyone here's welcome to come and sharecrop on it in a national pinch. 🙂

  5. Don't believe that recovery is coming any time soon. It is the same dunces who in beginning and mid 08 were telling us the economy was in great shape.

    In reality what we have currently witnessed is a small taste of that which is to come. We will have overbearing price inflation as the deficit is monetized because foreigners no longer will buy our debt. By the end of the year we will likely see significant increases in interest rates (against the will of the Fed). With that you will see skyrocketing cost of food and fuel. We will look back on summer of 08 and wish gas prices were that cheap. And if this cap-and-trade bill passes (likely going up for vote this Friday so right your congressman in opposition), that is going to magnify the problem an hundred fold.

    Furthermore all the stimulus and bailouts are choking the private sector and therefore destroying jobs. In order for the govt to spend any money it must first remove it from the private sector.

    Don't believe for a moment that prosperity is around the corner. Take Jeff's advice serious here. Grow a garden. Make sure you have long-term food/water storage.

  6. Can anyone find a conference talk where one of the General Authorities advised the membership not to have children unless they were financially prepared to have them?

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