How to Get Every Good Thing that God Can Give You

Overwhelmed with all the opportunities and projects before me, wondering how I can possibly pursue them all and get all the things done that I need or want to do, I sat down this morning with the Book of Mormon and flipped it open randomly to page 522 and began reading at verse 20 of Moroni chapter 7. I like this passage very much now:

[20] And now, my brethren, how is it possible that ye can lay hold upon every good thing?

[21] And now I come to that faith, of which I said I would speak; and I will tell you the way whereby ye may lay hold on every good thing.

[22] For behold, God knowing all things, being from everlasting to everlasting, behold, he sent angels to minister unto the children of men, to make manifest concerning the coming of Christ; and in Christ there should come every good thing.

It goes on to speak of exercising faith in Christ to “lay hold of every good thing” (v. 25) and also speaks of miracles and angels.

The pursuit of every good thing begins with faith in Christ and turning to Him for help, forgiveness, and guidance. Every thing that God determines is good and needful for us in mortality can be reached–His view of “good” may not always conform to ours–and then the journey continues after this life, when the limitations of time and mortality are no longer barriers. Eternal life–it’s a happening place. Exciting beyond anything we can imagine and the ultimate good thing that we should be pursuing with zeal and passion while here.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

2 thoughts on “How to Get Every Good Thing that God Can Give You

  1. Great subject.

    The first principles of the gospel is where the action is at. And as Hugh Nibley said about the usefulness of the gifts:

    "That's why the Lord, in the revelations, lays such emphasis on gifts. It is through the various gifts distributed among us that we are able to get into the act. We are told repeatedly both to ask for gifts and seek for gifts (cf. D&C 42, 46). Among the last words of the Book of Mormon are "Do not deny the gifts, do not reject the gifts" (cf. Moroni 10:8). On the other hand, we are commanded not to ask for or seek for office. Yet nobody seems particularly interested in asking or seeking for gifts, while men constantly plan, scheme, and aspire to office."

    Hugh Nibley, Brother Brigham Challenges the Saints, edited by Don E. Norton and Shirley S. Ricks [Salt Lake City and Provo: Deseret Book Co., Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 1994], p. 435-

  2. I couldn't help but notice verse 22.

    Didn't Smith preach, in the King Follet Discourse, that the idea of God being from everlasting to everlasting is a sectarian notion and is false?

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