“How Are Your Legs?”

While boarding a recent flight, I had to squeeze my long frame into the usual small gap that economy seats offer. My long legs were scrunched up against the seat in front of me, bracing for the usual torments of flight. A strikingly attractive, modestly dressed woman in jeans sat across the aisle and looked over in sympathy. “How are your legs?” she asked. I smiled at this friendly gesture and responded: “Actually, people say they are really quite attractive. . . . And I was about to ask you the same question.” I reached out to shake hands. “Hi. My name is Jeff.” She blushed and then cracked up.

I love traveling with my wife.

From the silly little moments to breath-taking drama, there’s also an adventure waiting for us in marriage. Just a reminder that it can and should get even more fun over time.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on ““How Are Your Legs?”

  1. This made me smile, Jeff. Thanks for sharing it and reminding all of us how to keep love and romance alive in our marriages!!


  2. Jeff,

    You are putting yourself at great risk for blood clots and other problems. For a few extra bucks you can upgrade to the emergency seats which have a lot more room. First Class can be had for as little as a $50 upgrade. And that then includes a meal and wine.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Great advice. I think many of us get so caught up in the rigors of living, that we forget that we aren't doing it alone, and that God intended for us to enjoy our spouses not just as potential child bearers, but as friends and companions to walk through life with. That means that we're supposed to share the hard things in life, but we're also supposed to have fun along the way. There is truly no woman more beautiful to each of us than our wives, who better to flirt with and share a good laugh or cry with. Take care


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