How Can Latter-day Saints Compete?

Here’s another reason why missionary work is slow in Wisconsin. How can we compete with the Catholics when they can offer this? We tried to respond by bringing in Ken Jennings to sip caffeine-free cola drinks with fans, but our budget was too tight now that Greyhound has increased their fares.

In fact, this kind of thing can also shake up some Latter-day Saints, weakening the credibility of the Word of Wisdom. But remember, resurrected bodies can probably drink anything and be fine! Whew, glad I could come up with the “Mo-pologist” spin on that little conundrum.

But we’re still hurting. First we had to compete with the famous Polka Mass, and now this.

The photo is from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, about 20 miles south of Appleton. I took it last Saturday, April 30.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “How Can Latter-day Saints Compete?

  1. This made me think about how those that are curious but don’t want to be barraged by entering the building for services can investigate a local ward in an asynchronous way.

    I think there could be much value in “broadcasting” our meetings via local access cable where you tend to see all these other religious services (typically evangelical or Catholic).

    There is the issue of “photography in the chapel” but this didn’t stop the Church from delivering some institutionally prepared “Sacrament Meetings” (never mind the fact that the sacrament was never actually administered) about a decade ago, airing on KBYU at the time.

    What have we got to hide? Plus, it would put the instructors on their toes to prepare better lessons too.

  2. That would actually be really cool, but the biggest problem I see would be people being able to quote all the crazy ideas that members say as if it were what Mormons believed. But wait, that is what at least one Mormon will believe! Also, lot’s of people would stop going to church. Why would they when it’s General Conference every week?

    I’ve always thought that while the main purpose of Sunday School is to learn (it is a school right?), this is not the purpose of church meetings at all. I think the communal aspect of church far out weighs the learning aspect.

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