General Conference: Maybe the Priesthood Session Was the Highlight

I enjoyed General Conference this year–so many excellent contributions and inspiring moments. For me, though, I think the biggest “wow” came from the Priesthood session. Maybe it was because there were fewer distractions and I was more focused (what, who said anything about Twitter?), but I also think that it was unusual among Priesthood sessions for the concentrated power and depth in what the various speakers expressed. Anyone struggling with the Church or questioning the motives and hearts of those at the top should have been there, and should carefully listen to those messages now that they are available at

This really is a Church founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the objective of bringing souls to God and making the lives of others better, even infinitely better in end. We have our warts, now and throughout history, but the driving force behind the Church is not a mortal scheme or business plan concocted by men. The people who spoke to us last week were not marketers or politicians trying to manipulate and deceive, but men of God trying to serve and bless us. Well, that’s my take. Listen to conference yourself and you decide. Awesome stuff.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

5 thoughts on “General Conference: Maybe the Priesthood Session Was the Highlight

  1. I'm so appreciative that the priesthood session is now available as mpeg 4 and mp3 files. Until last conference, they were hard to get to till the Ensign came out. Now we can freely see/hear them.

  2. Thanks for this, Jeff.

    The Priesthood session was truly fantastic, top to bottom. It almost always is, but Elders Oaks and Rasband just blew me away right from the outset.

    Fantastic stuff.

  3. You don't know me, but I'm preparing a talk about Why General Confernce is important and through my research stumbled across this blog post. Would you mind terribly if I quoted your post in my talk?

    Hope Taft
    North Salt Lake, Utah

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