From Boy Band to the Tabernacle Choir: The Alex Boyé Story

Alex Boyé is the delightful musician you might have seen in the Tabernacle Choir, or perhaps in the European boy band, Awesome, which was a hit before he chose to go on an LDS mission. Alex’s story, from the poverty in the streets of London, abandoned by his Nigerian mother for a few years, to the stages of Europe and then the ranks of the Tabernacle Choir is told by the new DVD, Alex Boyé: Front Man, produced by Avalanche Studios. (Disclaimer: a very cool sibling of mine runs Avalanche Studios, but I would have enjoyed the DVD regardless of who made it.)

You can read about Alex Boyé over at Wikipedia, or you can hear him on his website, (joyous music from his latest album, Africanized, will load and play immediately, so be prepared, quiet office surfers–but go there now, if you can, and enjoy). There’s a lot about his life and the trials he has overcome that can strengthen us, regardless of who we are. What a remarkable life! Thank you, Alex.

Here’s a sample from his Youtube offerings. Beautiful!

Author: Jeff Lindsay

7 thoughts on “From Boy Band to the Tabernacle Choir: The Alex Boyé Story

  1. Thanks God for Alex Boye and Gladys Knight. Most Mo-Tab and other Mormon music puts me to sleep.

    I just can't seem to listen to the Mo-tab numbers immediately prior to and during General Conference. It's like listening to lullabies.

    I've purchased a couple Mo-tab CD's, and there are about three numbers that I can listen to.

  2. WOW! That was simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing this, Jeff. I think that's the most beautiful rendition of this song I have ever heard. I pray we strive for unity as children of the Living God, and that we extend grace to one another where there are differences.

    Peace and blessings…

  3. I'm glad you are still doing this. I have been reading your posts for many years.

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