Bountiful: Why Not Check It Out?

We’ve talked a lot about Bountiful and the Arabian Peninsula here over the years. Why not go see for yourself? Warren Aston of Footsteps of Lehi fame actually leads a tour group to Oman to let people see and explore a leading candidate for Bountiful. Correction: looks like they go to both of the leading candidates for Bountiful. Have any of you been on this tour? Would I enjoy it as much as I think I would? Tour information is at They have a tour in October that requires signing up pretty soon, I think.

If you’ve been on other Book of Mormon-related tours, I’d love to hear about your experiences.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “Bountiful: Why Not Check It Out?

  1. Well I hope this counts and if it doesn’t then feel free to ignore this comment.

    I like many others have been to Palmyra, New York and visted where Joseph Smith lived with his family. We got to go inside the two replicas of his homes and see the rooms and everything. It was awesome. Small but awesome.

    We also went to the sacred grove where Joseph Smith went to pray and saw and spoke to God and Jesus. I must say that that was the best part of the day. I was able to sneek away from the others and walked alone for a while. I usually don’t like being around anywhere that has tons and tons of creepy crawlers, but I was surprised that that didn’t seem to bother me as much. I even tried to stop a butterfly from flying away and it did. It was just too beautiful to feel grossed out about. It was quiet and really peaceful. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere that was that peaceful. Maybe because I’m from the city…hehe.

    I was able to see where the Book of Mormon was published. I’ve seen it in pictures before, but never up close.

    We also went to the Hill Cumorah, I believe, and saw where the Book of Mormon plates were found. It was higher than I thought it would be, but luckily, I made it up there with help from the others.

    I was also able to see many other replicas like the plates, the published Book, and a bunch of other wonderful things.

    The second best part of the day was when we saw the latest Joseph Smith and the restoration movie. I don’t know if that’s what it’s called, but I’m just guessing here. It was the second time I saw the movie and it still gave me goosebumps. The good kind though. I don’t know if it’s available on DVD or else I would recommend anyone and everyone who wants to know a little about the Church and Joseph Smith to watch it. If it is I’d like to know the name so I can buy it myself.

    It was a wonderful day and worth the five hour drive it took to get there. Well, it was better for me because I wasn’t the one driving. But to be able to go with other members of my branch and to see everything that I saw is something I would never forget.

    I have been having some rough days at that time, being a new convert and all, but just going helped me remember what God has planned out for us and how grateful I am to be a part of His Church.

    I will never forget what happened to me there. Ever.

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