For the Strength of the Youth

One of my favorite things about this last LDS General Conference for me was the citing of great examples from young people in following Christ. The briefly mentioned story of the LDS child who deliberately reached out to and included the class bully really inspired me. Other examples of young people showing faith and courage in following Jesus were scattered throughout the talks, along with references to the outstanding new materials that have been developed to help our young people.

I really admire the approach of the Church in helping its youth with resources like For the Strength of the Youth and the fabulous teaching materials and programs the Church offers.

Personally, I feel that many parents of the world would flock to the Church if they knew what Church activity can do to protect and bless the lives of their children. The healthy, positive, strengthening influence of the Church in the lives of my children was so significant for my wife and I as parents. It contributed greatly to the happiness we have experienced as a family. I am so thankful for that.

There is so much that can pull young people down these days. The principles in For the Strength of the Youth and the other tools and teachings of the Church are precious resources to help them stand tall and free from the enslaving temptations of the world. It can help them have vastly better and happier lives.

There is much we can learn from the faithful examples of the young people in our midst. But there is also much we must continue to teach them, and the resources the Church has developed for them are a great place to start.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “For the Strength of the Youth

  1. I read Mormanity and other faith promoting LDS sites because they teach about many things and are positive. I need that in my life and it helps me to keep faith that there are areas where the Church operates like it should and the members act like they should.
    It is nice to know that someone has had a positive, strengthening influence from the Church, especially for their children.
    My children have not had good experiences at church. I am not trying to be negative but there are Wards and Stakes that do not give good, positive and strengthening experiences. My Ward and Stake are horrible and good examples of negative, faith weakening, un-spiritual dark experiences. The LDS membership is horrible. The leadership (or lack of) leaves something to be desired.
    It is encouraging to know that somewhere there are kids that live the Gospel. There is hope. There is hope my kids will meet other good LDS kids. It is good that the Church has a program for youth because it will mean something to some of them and help those that want it. My youngest will graduate in 2014 and will be able to get away from this awful town, Ward and Stake, and I won't be far behind. (I could tell some true stories about my Ward and you wouldn't believe me or think I was exaggerating)

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