“I Won’t Mind” by LDS Artist Kerstin Koldewyn

One of the unexpected benefits of marriage in my case has been adding a tremendous group of relatives to my life. It’s great when the family of your spouse is filled with interesting people you respect and enjoy. One of them happens to be Kerstin Koldewyn, my wife’s sister, who has kindly granted me permission to share a few recently recorded songs.

The one I’ll share today is “I Won’t Mind,” a touching ballad sung by a childless woman, “Aunt Lizzie,” to the baby of a close friend. Though I haven’t struggled with the pain of childlessness, the song touches some chords I didn’t know were there.

If the flash player gives you any trouble (try clicking twice and then waiting a few seconds), you can grab the MP3 file directly here: http://ldsfaq.googlepages.com/I-wont-mind-03.mp3.

Thank you, Kerstin!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

5 thoughts on ““I Won’t Mind” by LDS Artist Kerstin Koldewyn

  1. That is one incredible song. My wife and I came close (hurray for modern medicine) to not being able to have kids, and the words and her voice really seem to portray both the pain and joy of caring for others little ones. You should put a disclaimer on that work listening, I needed a minute to compose myself after listening, and my door is open. 🙂

  2. I’m sitting here letting my kitten lick the tears from my face. How unexpected after all these years. I thought I’d worked through all that. Thank you and thanks too to Kerstin for the beautiful, sensitive song.

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