Fabulous Gift for Book of Mormon Fans: Watch Lehi in Arabia for Free

Lehi in Arabia video: Book of Mormon evidences from Arabia

Perhaps the single best book related to Book of Mormon evidence is Warren Aston’s Lehi and Sariah in Arabia, available on Kindle. Related to it is the delightful DVD, Lehi in Arabia, where you can see the places Aston has explored and learn the story not only of the remarkable discovery of the leading candidate for Bountiful, but also of the finding of costly altars from Lehi’s day bearing the prominent NHM tribal name from the ancient Nihm tribe still in that part of Yemen today, a region that fits multiple requirements for the place called Nahom in 1 Nephi 16.

As a gift for anyone interested, it is now possible to watch the Lehi in Arabia video for free at Amazon.com. On Amazon’s page for Lehi in Arabia, you can buy the digital video for $8, rent it for $2, or watch it for free if you sit through a short ad at the beginning. For the physical DVD, buy it directly at the Lehi in Arabia website (www.lehiinarabia.com), which I have done, for $14.95. While I encourage buying the DVD and or renting the DVD to support Warren’s efforts, feel free to watch the video for free and have all your friends watch it for free, and then you can all just make a donation to the Khor Kharfot Foundation. That donation will support further research (not just LDS research — a team of non-LDS specialists are also involved) at the unique site of Khar Kharfot, including Wadi Sayq, a miraculously fertile but endangered garden spot in the nation of Oman with unique species and a mysterious past. So beautiful, so interesting, so nearly due east of Nahom, and still essentially uninhabited because it is so hard to access unless you are, say, coming from the west and manage to enter just the right wadi by aid of a good map and compass or smart GPS (divine or otherwise), as Lehi did. Watch the video and realize just how impressive the growing evidence from the Arabian Peninsula is for the ancient plausibility of the Book of Mormon’s account of Lehi’s Trail.

I especially love the moment in the video (starting at 30 minutes in until about 33 minutes) where Warren’s 14-year-old daughter turns out to be the key heroine in the discovery of Bountiful. A good case study for you leaders of youth encouraging young women to listen to the Spirit and make big contributions in their lives.

As you watch this video, it may help you sense as I do that the author of 1 Nephi was a real man, an ancient man who once lived in a beautiful green spot on the coast of Arabia before he and his family embarked on a dangerous voyage to his future Promised Land. This video, free or otherwise, could be a wonderful gift to share with others. Thank you to Warren Aston and his family for making this possible.

If you are grateful for this gift, consider making a donation to the Khor Kharfot Foundation. Also buy the book Lehi and Sariah in Arabia and write a review.

Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Fabulous Gift for Book of Mormon Fans: Watch Lehi in Arabia for Free

  1. Thanks for alerting us to this, Jeff. It was well done. The main problem I had with it was the voice of the narrator. It didn't fit — too much special pleading. The tone needs to be different. It needs to have less of a Wasatch-Front testimony-meeting tone, and more of a dispassionate, professional-sounding tone. I would have preferred hearing Aston's voice as the narrator.

  2. Warren Aston's life long labor in finding Bountiful is nothing short of amazing. Much gratitude is due to him. I thought I knew all about Nahom and Bountiful, but the video provided a lot of new information previously unknown to me. I wonder what new evidences we will find in the next 20 to 30 years regarding this other testament of Christ.

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