Evangelical Atheists?

San Francisco, that hotbed of atheism (among other things), is currently hosting the “All Atheist Weekend.” It’s something like an old time revival meeting gone wild.

“We’re trying to do what church people call outreach,” said Jim Heldberg, a Pacifica software salesman and onetime Methodist who coordinates the group San Francisco Atheists.

The goal is . . . turning atheists into activists.

The article in the San Francisco Chronicle uses terms such as “activists” and “advocates,” carefully avoiding words like “missionaries” and “evangelists.”

But help me, please – I’m puzzled. Why do atheists think they need to organize new groups of evangelists to proselyte for atheism? Aren’t we already thoroughly covered with our public schools, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the ACLU? Must be some kind of tax break they are after.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Evangelical Atheists?

  1. If a core value of atheism is that there is no god(s) and no afterlife than how each person lives their life is inconsequential. Therefore atheists shouldn’t care if others are confused about their lifestyles as there will be no eternal consequences regarding the afterlife.

    By contrast Christians believe there are consequences and it is important to prepare in this life for the next. Therefore it is logical that Christians (or other religions) proslyte, but illogicial for atheists to do so.

    Personally, I believe atheism is born out of ignorance or a failure in logic. This illogical attempt to proslyte seems to reinforce that thought.

  2. I disagree with you that atheists believe their lives or anyone elses are inconsequential. If anything life becomes more important and full of consequences. Only a child would belive their or anyone else’s actions have no consequences (that’s fairly ignorant of you to advance such an argument or is this just more propaganda?). A belief in an afterlife has nothing to do with whether your actions have consequences of not. Once again you have created a straw man and obscurred the actual argument. This an extension of the errornous agrument that religion is the sole source of moral behavior. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact a strong argument can be made for the converse.

  3. “Personally, I believe atheism is born out of ignorance or a failure in logic. This illogical attempt to proslyte seems to reinforce that thought.”

    I beg to differ you are a bit confused about logic. Faith is defined as “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.” Faith itself is not logical the atheist simply doesn’t believe because there is NO PROOF, were there proof of the existence of God, then it would be illogical.

  4. Why do we organize and get together and try to reach out to the theists?

    in 7 states it is illegal for me to hold a public office. it’s why we are upset.

    in 5 of those states it is illegal for me to testify in court. it’s why we are upset.

    When a theist thinks “because my god says so” is a valid reason to deny someone there rights, it’s why we are upset.

    In a poll taken not too long ago we where classified as the most hated, feared, and distrusted minority in America.

    When a public leader can spend time on the house of the senate saying how an atheist is evil TO HIS FACE, and there is no public outcry for her actions, but instead calls for the atheist to resign….thats why where upset.

    A poll not too long ago asked of christians ‘if god himself came to you and personally asked you to kill an atheist, would you?’ the result was 75% said yes.
    replace atheist with ANY religion or other minority group and the answer dropped down to 45%. This is why we are upset.

    Shouldn’t THIS be a worry to us? I’ve been fired from jobs, had my home spray painted (my neighbor and his son, good old christian values), been assaulted then told it was my own fault because I’m an atheist and then the case was dropped. why wouldn’t I be upset?

    why shouldn’t this concern us? most Americans think evolution doesn’t exist then blithely go along taking medications BASED on the concept.
    Many Christians are not worried about the end of the world but are actively cheering for it to happen. many of these people are the ones with access to the nuclear bomb. this shouldn’t worry us?

    Atheism means, and this is all it means, “i do not believe in god/s”
    want to vilify atheists? include Buddhists because THEY are atheists also. Heck YOU are an atheist in regard to the other religions out there.
    The free thinker atheists (also known as naturalistic or materialistic or rational atheists. whatever, you know who we are. we are the ones your preacher told you was evil) simply don’t want ANYONES religion being used to make rules for others.

    Theist arguments are full of giant holes they never seem to see then accuse US of not thinking critically. If your first response to this is “well those are not true christians doing that” then you need to think about your reasoning. Heres a hint ‘Not true Scotsman”.

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