Photos from the 2003 Christmas Eve Devotional in Appleton, Wisconsin

Related to my previous post on the Appleton, Wisconsin Christmas Eve Devotional, here are a couple of photos from the Dec. 24, 2003 event:

The congregation and choir joins in a Christmas hymn, led by Brother Dale Jepson during the Christmas Eve Devotional in 2003.

Tracy Price, Natalie Price, and Daniel Lindsay provide beautiful brass accompaniment, joining Ellen Jepson on the organ.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

7 thoughts on “Photos from the 2003 Christmas Eve Devotional in Appleton, Wisconsin

  1. Hey, hey! That’s my uncle leading the choir and my cousin hitting the keys. We were just visiting with them on Thanksgiving weekend. He said the devotional is a good time. Maybe some year we’ll be up there for it.

  2. Good question. I wasn’t completely comfortable taking the photos last year (did it as a favor – and no flash) and probably won’t take them this year, but I don’t think anything in the handbook forbids them for this weekday event. I think they are off-limits for sacrament meetings and such.

  3. I guess that the reason I borught it up is because I heard of someone who was upset because she couldn’t videotape or take pictures of her wedding in a chappel. I also read that stake confrences are an exception(at least in my ward) we use video cameras so the confrence can be on tv’s farther back in the gym aera when the chappel is over flowing. I think that I heard about the whole issue from my bishop but I can’t remember for sure

  4. RE: Pictures in chapel. The handbook forbids pictures during Sacrament meeting. Our former Stake President always said to follow the lead of the “Brethern”. They tape and publish thier Devotionals.

  5. So then pictures during other activities are alright? Like just this last saturday we had a Best of EFY and in between dinner and the last speaker some friends of mine took pictures while we were waiting. I was wondering if that was ok or not.

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