Comments on Blogs: A Privilege, Not a Right

I’ve had a busy couple of days deleting offensive comments from an anti-Christian/anti-Mormon who has sought to use blogger comments to express his trivial anger for people of my faith. I have allowed many (not all) previous critical comments to be posted on this blog, provided that they are civil and on-topic, but his comments were extreme. The first time I deleted his post, I explained that any post with links to pornographic or other offensive sites would be deleted, that comments with profanity would be deleted. He continued to come back and violate my policies, trying to use my blog as a forum for his senseless and angry graffiti. I am tired of his insults and antics. His comments will simply be deleted from now on. Here is the explanation I gave as a comment in my previous post:

I’m surprised that a certain complainer doesn’t get it. I’ve stated my comments policy clearly: comments with links to offensive sites will be deleted. Comments with profanity will be deleted. My site is not here to generate traffic toward the dark side.

Our chief offender violated my policy again yesterday with another link to his offensive site. And he has continued to be insulting and has used this blog to attack the Church on topics completely unrelated to my posts.

Sorry – but you comments are no longer welcome. I don’t want to give you any more attention or any more bandwidth. I don’t want your name mentioned on my site. Your approach is more that of a vandal spraying graffiti on the side of my home than it is of someone willing to engage in civil conversation on the topics I post about.

Allowing comments on a blog is a privilege, not a right. Off-topic or off-color comments can be and should be deleted. Don’t whine about censorship – do you accept random offensive graffiti sprayed on your car or home? Do you allow Mormons to post pro-Mormon pages on your Web site?

Today I solicited the help of a third party to monitor this blog when I’m at work to simply delete any comments from our chief offender. If you see his remarks, don’t respond here, and don’t mention his name. Persona non-grata, unless, of course, he repents and becomes civil, and cleans up his Web site. This, ultimately, is the message of the Gospel to all of us sinners: repent and get not just a life, but Eternal Life. But you need to start repenting fast, if only to become a more civil human being.

Please, you’re giving your fellow anti-Mormons a bad name. Many of them are actually civil and have posted some thought-provoking on-topic comments – but yours are no longer welcome. Please e-mail me when you’re willing to change and be more respectful and we can try again.

Ladies and gentleman, the comments feature on this blog or any other blog is a privilege extended to readers willing to be civil. It is not some kind of right that anyone has. You have no more right to post anything you want on this blog than I have to tattoo your forehead with the design of my choice – but I could recommend some lovely custom logos –(must . . . resist . . . temptation. . .). For those who can’t handle that, I’ve got some great news: you can go somewhere else! Now! Hurry!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

14 thoughts on “Comments on Blogs: A Privilege, Not a Right

  1. Jeff-
    Sorry that your valuable time has to be taken up dealing with uncooperative individuals rather than posting on many of the topics of which I love to hear your thoughts and opinions. If there is anything I can do to help monitor your site, let me know and I’ll email you about it. I hope that this doesn’t slow the pace of your wonderful posts I check daily!

  2. Girlgrey, I believe that Mr. Brown knows exactly what the LDS beliefs are. He just doesn’t agree with them and can’t figure out why the whole rest of the world doesn’t think exactly like he does. And he HAS been very rude in the past week or two.

  3. GG asked what my adversary wants to know about LDS beliefs. That’s an excellent question – there was never an intelligible question asked. Just a condemnation of Mormons for being deluded idiots. He claimed that he has posted arguments on his website, but after being offended by the pornographic elements I encountered there, I refuse to go back and wade in his trash. There are MUCH BETTER sources for anti-Mormon information. If you must see such stuff, just go to Google, enter “mormon plagiarism” and explore the first hit that comes up. It’s the most salient attack on the Book of Mormon that you’ll find.

    By the way, GG, I don’t want our adversary to have any more attention here. Comments that give his name may be deleted. You can refer to him as Mr. B or Mr. X if you need to make a mention.

    I don’t think he wants answers at all. He wants attention and hits on his offensive site. I’m not game for that.

  4. You have the right to defend yourself Jeff. I often enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up. I appreciate your balance of tolerance for dissent but intolerance for abuse.

  5. Did you see the threat that guy posted (and Jeff deleted)? Incredible. His service provider should shut his service down, or Jeff should get a lawyer and go after this kind of abuser.

    But he’ll get off easy – I’ll bet anything Mr. X is 13 years old. Who else would have the time to sit around and post silly comments that will swiftly be deleted???

  6. You ought to consider switching to your own blog and dumping Blogspot, Jeff. J. Stapley (of Splendid Sun) helped me with my blog (New Cool Thang) and Lisa at FMH do the same and it is a lot better. I can simply ban any annoying commenters with a single click in the back office. If you are interested in looking in to it let me knowand I’ll be happy to assist. WordPress is free but you would need to find a host and that is not free.

  7. Jeff,

    Thank you for keeping this blog site clean. I am a consistent viewer here and rarely do I post, but X’s antics were really getting to me. I didn’t read what he wrote in response to my second post, but I’m sure it was worthy of being removed, judging by his track record. Please know that there are a lot of us out here that thoroughly enjoy your work and check your site often. Thank you for all you do.


  8. Actually, I’m OK with how things have turned out. He is actually a reasonably human being with some strong feelings, and has chosen to respect my rules and discuss things more appropriately. I hope he’ll keep on topic and so forth, but I think I’ll be OK with his presence on the blog, should he wish to offer further viewpoints or ask further questions. I’ve warned him that I’m not here to answer everything, and that I can’t answer everything, but civil discourse is welcome. But I still reserve the right to edit posts and delete comments that I feel are inappropriate.

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