Something Unusual in the Conference Report

While thumbing through the May 2005 Ensign with the Conference Report (available online as a PDF file – click on May 2005), something struck me about this Conference Report that seemed to make it stand out from previous ones, based on my recollections. Did you notice it also? What impressed me in this issue was the black and white photography. There seemed to be an unusually large number of shots showing an artistic flare. Unusual angles, fascinating candid moments, clever composition, interesting layers of meaning. I was wondering who this photographer was that found so many great shots while running around during General Conference – turns out it was about a dozen people or so, including several international sites. Oh.

Some of my favorites are on pages 2 (interesting balance and composition), 7 (interesting hands), 14, 21, 23 (hands seem to get a lot of attention in some of the photos), 42, 47, 50 (cute), 53, 56 (beautiful!), 59 (great angle – and hands play a role again), 61, 67, 79 (nice light), 81, 83, 85 (symbolism?), 86 (great composition, nicely divided, and having two people in the lower part somehow adds a balance that makes it much better than if there were no one), 89, 90 (like the angle and the hand), 93 (the hand), 100 (outstanding), 108 (great shadows), 111 (my favorite – love the candid shot), 113, 117, and 119.

Has Conference photography always been this interesting?


Author: Jeff Lindsay

2 thoughts on “Something Unusual in the Conference Report

  1. I didn’t have these thoughts at all when viewing the photos. I thought that the quality was carp, as if someone took them from a distance and then blew them up trying to boost the resolution. The quality is just terrible.

  2. Hmmm, maybe my printed copy came out better than yours. But I was looking more for the content and not the resolution.

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