BYU-China – I love the idea! How long before it’s possible? I’m guessing 10 years, with religion classes being entirely optional.

BYU has extensions in Idaho and Hawaii – why not other countries like Mexico and China? There is something special about China.

If any chemical engineers are needed for the faculty, I might recommend a few.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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  1. In Mexico, the Church has a preparatory (pre University) school that is quite recognised. Its called ‘Benemerito de las Americas’. The idea of BYU-Mex is interesting as there are other religious Universities. It would strengthen the position of the Church within the religious panorama in Mexico.


  2. Yeah, they could build it near the border of Tibet up on a mountain side, and pattern it to look like an ancient monistary.

    In fact, I was discussing this with a fellow RM the other day. We were talking about the level of spirit felt, and the vast knowledge gained in just a short time at the MTC. And, wouldn’t it be cool if the Church built an LDS monistary, where one could go and focus a certain amount of time to nothing else but learing the Gospel, and connecting with the Spirit of God? Not everyone is cut out for a mission, but think of the value and experience like this could be to any member who doesn’t really want to go on a mission, but is looking for something to boost them spiritually and help them gain a working knowledge of the Gospel.

    I think this will be a major point in my campaign when I run for Prophet.

  3. Singapore is the country that has been going out of its way to bring in programs from schools such as Johns Hopkins and Cornell. The Chinese people doesn’t stop at the borders of China.

  4. I’m not so sure the church would be so welcome in China. They couldn’t get the land for the temple in HK so they had to build the temple on an old church building. The Chinese govt. would not allow them to buy more land and build the temple. Also, from what all the missionaries tell me, they are not really going in the front door, so to speak.
    “There is something special about China.”
    What is special about China for me is that we are not bombarded with religious nuts knocking on our doors all the time trying to get our money. Also, every time some typhoon blows through we don’t get people on TV saying God had saved them. Of course, he had no concern for their neighbors who lost all. Yeah, can’t wait for Western religion to come in and give China what it needs.

  5. Support Chinese immigrants and help raise up future missionaries to China by eating at Chinese restaurants, and giving out Chinese Books of Mormon and other church material.

    Yesterday, I had a very uplifting and heartwarming experience at a Chinese restaurant where some copies of the Book of Mormon and church DVDs were well received.

    Three of the new church-produced DVDs are now in multi-lingual format which include Mandarin and Cantonese. They are “Heavenly Father’s Plan,” “Finding Faith in Christ,” and “Together Forever.”

    If you or your Ward Mission Leader buys them in cases of 50, they are only $1.18 to $1.50 each, instead of the $4.50 each in single quantities.

    In addition to both styles of the Book of Mormon (Simplified script for China, Traditional script for Taiwan/Hong Kong), the church has boucoup material, including pamphlets, Sunday School material, priesthood/relief society material, and youth material. But I think the Book of Mormon, the JS Testimony pamphlet, Gospel Principles, and a few DVDs are good places to start.

    Yesterday was so cool that the idea of those nice people joining the church was a very distant second place to the joy I had in seeing their joy upon receiving both written and A/V material in their native tongue.

    But I can dream, right? I can hope, right? Moroni said we gotta have hope. And I hope that at least one Chinese family that has received a Book of Mormon will recognize its truth and embrace it, and raise up a young man or woman who will take the restored gospel back to their homeland of China.

  6. what’s football and basketball have to do with anything? ‘sides, Yao Ming proves your bigoted statement wrong.

  7. I appreciate the tips on giving out Books of Mormon. I was happy to have the opportunity to give out a Chinese Book of Mormon (plus the English) to a friend last week, and also a Hmong Book of Mormon today. And many thanks to the kind person who sent me a box of foreign language Books of Mormon to pass out!

  8. The Church is going through the front door with their work in China. They will do everything to uphold the law in those countries. I believe the work in China will begin as soon as God thinks we are ready to handle it. Until then, do your part by preparing yourself.

  9. Dear Sir,

    I think South Korea and Japan would be nice places,too to have a BYU.

    Many Christians in South Korea. Less in Japan but I think it would be a great opportunity either.

    Lenny Poli.

    A LDS member from the Branch of Livorno. Mission of Rome. Italy.

  10. I will move to Shanghai for my job from October 2008.

    I am a member of the Church. I would like to know if there’s any church or any member(of course there must be some) in Shanghai area.

    Please contact me.

    Best Regards,

    Lenny Poli

  11. Lenny

    If you did not yet find the church in Shanghai, contact the Hong Kong Area Office and they should be able to help you. There are 2 English speaking branches in Shanghai.

    Good luck!

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