Book of Mormon Evidences

Let me begin this Mormon blog with a reminder that there are actual evidences that point to the plausibility of the Book of Mormon. This includes archaeological finds such as those pointing to the reality of the place Nahom in First Nephi, and many other noteworthy evidences. For details, see my page on Book of Mormon Evidences.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Book of Mormon Evidences

  1. Jeff, I have enjoyed and benefited from your online efforts in apologetics and defences of the faith for the best part of a decade. I was excited to learn of your blog and look forward to more interesting reading. Welcome to the Bloggernacle.

  2. If i use the BoM in the 19th century to travel in Arabian Peninsula i might be lost. I would rather use the script of Marco Polo way back in the 12th century to travel in Arabian Peninsula and I am sure i will not be lost in the desert.

  3. Hi Brother Jeff, I love your site. Heres a tidbit from my son in law that you would find interesting. He enjoys roleplaying and was on line with an arab lady. His charactor was named Nephi and the lady asked him why he was using an Arab name being an American. He then explained about the Book of Mormon and that a major charactor in the book is named Nephi.

    Ron Cook

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