Chocolates and the Book of Mormon

Thoughts on the need to ponder the Book of Mormon to really taste and appreciate its divine quality.

And unlike chocolate, it’s fat free, sugar free, caffeine free, and has better antioxidants – the kind that can keep you from oxidizing in the next life. In fact, if consumed regularly, the Book of Mormon can give you infinite fitness – the kind we call Eternal Life. Enjoy! No need to diet with this sweet treasure.

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Chocolates and the Book of Mormon:

Sabbath 101:

Mind Readers:

Dinner Time (frivolous sound effects):


Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “Chocolates and the Book of Mormon

  1. Somewhat disappointed, I’d hoped to see you’d proven that the precious ziff, is indeed, chocolate.

  2. Great podcast. It also ties into my theory that the Book of Mormon “golden plates” were actually foil-covered chocolates.

  3. Great post! Gentile chocolates are pretty good, but Mormon chocolates are just so much more filling.

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