Archaeology and the Book of Mormon

Michael Ash’s recent article at, “Archaeological Evidence and the Book of Mormon,” provides a healthy perspective on where we stand. He discusses the relative states of archaeological discovery pertinent to the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and the unique challenges in understanding the complex ancient world of Mesoamerica. He also briefly mentions some of the interesting recent developments that should be taken into account. And as always, expecting archaeology to eliminate the need faith for either the Bible or the Book of Mormon makes little sense.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

2 thoughts on “Archaeology and the Book of Mormon

  1. Good article, but would you happen to have the list of the 45/60 items that are both confirmed as appearing in mesmoamerica and cited in the Book of Mormon?

  2. There are many cunning people who take scientific evidence out of context to support their philisophical thesis of “Eat, Drink an be Merry for tomorrow we die.” We need honest scientists to challenge these continuous faith-destroying attacks by separating truth from opinion for the average person who is not trained in these scientific fields. LDS scientists should also be careful to separate their finding and their interpretation thereof.

    True conversion is a process. Left unchecked, these attacks can damage the process, especially for those young in the faith. Thanks be to those scientists who work to separate scientific true from error

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