Any Experience with LDSWare? features software that can be used to assist in several Church callings, including managing home teaching info for quorum or group leaders. I haven’t tried it yet, but have publicly expressed my frustrations with the standard MLS software (several others in my part of the world who have used it have shared similar frustrations). MLS gave me a totally new and foreign emotion: yearning for the old DOS version of a program. OK, back to the point: have any of you tried LDSWare? Is it something a high priest group or elders quorum ought to try? Pros and cons?


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Any Experience with LDSWare?

  1. I have been using this program for Relief Society only putting in sisters names and phone numbers and have found it a great aid. I am dissapointed that I cant find anything else to replace it as my computer crashed and I lost everything, I didn’t have backup

  2. I used this program for 2 years until I was no longer president of Relief Society. In the year that it sat dormant on my computers (I had it on three) something evolved to disable use of it for more than 5 minutes before a prompt appeared to say that the program was no longer working and it needed to close. The program’s creator said in his farewell e-mail that it should continue to work so am seeking a way to repair whatever has happened to disable it. It was a life saver and the void apparently has not been filled by another program. I would pay good money for a resurrection of this one!

  3. I have been using this program for over 5 years- and wanted to copy it so that I could take it from my desk pc and place it on my Lap Top- but some files are embeded and will not copy so that the program will not run- unless someone knows who to get the whole file copied accross- its a shame that nobody else wanted to take on the web master role of this wonderfull tool or leave a downloadable copy for those who could enter a key number to access it.

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