With the popularity of YouTube, I’ve noticed some other businesses pick up the “You” prefix –, for example (cool service to customize the answers your cell phone provides to people, based on who calls you). So naturally, I couldn’t resist picking up Did it just a few minutes ago. It will soon forward to my LDSFAQ (Mormon Answers) area for now, but I’d like to do something else with the domain. Any ideas?

Mormon videos, perhaps, but what about a site where people can nominate “honorary Mormons” or report unusual Mormon sitings? Or perhaps compete to win prizes such as tithing rebates? Or tips on what wards are best for people moving into an area? Ideas and collaborators are welcome!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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  1. I would love a place that is free like MySpace where one could look at Videos and cool things without being asaulted with p0rn or vulgar, vile language.

    I just signed up at MySpace about a week ago and, after all my years on the internet and never seeing any p0rn, have seen more than in the whole rest of my life…

    I watch a cute video and go to read the replies and the very first comment is laced with vulgarity.

    I went to the Forum to ask a question and someone had posted a p0rn photo in reply to not just my question, but about 26 other people’s questions… really vile.

    So that’s what I would like… a free place like MySpace but without the p0rn and vulgarity.

    Oh, and did I mention the Anti-Mormon ads that show up on every page because I list myself as LDS?

  2. I think Jayleen has a great idea. I have MySpace account but seldom use it. I think I am the oldest woman on MySpace. 🙂

  3. Other interesting domains:

    ilovemormons dot com is taken, but it’s expired, and probably available to re-register.

    ihatemormons dot com is taken and parked.

    And just in jest, of course:

    ihatejefflindsay dot com is available.
    ilovejefflindsay dot com is available.
    jefflindsayisabigfatidiot dot com is available.

    Other ideas:

    [your city]mormon dot com/org/net

    [your city]-mormon dot com/org/net

    [your city]mormons dot com/org/net

    [your city]-mormons dot com/org/net is taken. is taken. is available. is taken. is available. is available. is taken is available. is available. is available. is available. is available. is taken is available. is available.

    mymormons com/org/net are available.

  4. Just wondering…how many Mormons are in the world? Do you accept any new members without a cash donation.
    I like peanut butter.

  5. A couple more domain names..

  6. How about family friendly restaurants in your area, or is this really a family movie? Things to make with all the wheat in your food storage, maybe you could let us win food storage items along with tithing rebates? Fuel efficient 15 passenger vans for Mormon families? I might think of more later….hmmm

  7. Well of course the Appleton 1st ward is by far the superior ward in the Valley. Now this is not my opinion but fact. Proven by the masses that are fleeing other congregations around town to move into the ward boundaries. So YouMormon could help to try to lure members away in hopes of keeping those other wards from falling into Branch status…

  8. “Do you accept any new members without a cash donation.”

    Well, yes and no. Tithing is not required prior to baptism. But in order to get baptized, you have to promise to pay tithing after your baptism. From that perspective it costs 10% of your income to be a Mormon. So the cheapest way to be a Mormon is to not make any money, because 10% of zero is zero.

    However, I can vouch that the 10% is worth it. Not only does the Lord let you keep the other 90%, he usually throws in a bunch of other blessings, both temporal/physical and spiritual. A lot of people attest that after joining the church, they made more money to make up for the 10%, or they were able to make their 90% stretch farther, and so they didn’t even miss the 10%.

    Another easy way to pay tithing is for those who smoke and drink alochol/coffee, to give those things up (Word of Wisdom) and join the church. A lot of people spend at least 10% of their income on alcohol, tobacco, and Starbuck’s coffee. Hey, a few of those latte’s at $4 a pop can really add up.

    Many years ago, I heard a bishop once say that when he joined the church, he could afford to pay tithing just with the money he saved by not buying beer and cigarettes!

    There are a lot more vices today. Add in lottery tickets and pornography to coffee/booze/cigs, and by giving up all those things and paying tithing, you’d actually come out ahead!

    Now for those who don’t have those vices, and therefore won’t be “saving” money by joining the church and giving them up, one of the way cool things about the church, is that after paying your tithing, if you can’t afford food, the church will give you enough food to subsist on, through the church’s welfare system.

    And the other way cool thing, is that the church will still give you food even if the value of the food exceeds the tithing money that you pay in.

    Now there are some other strings attached to the welfare food. In order to qualify for the welfare food, you do have to give up non-essential expenses like cable TV, eating out at restaurants, and maybe even [gasp!] your broadband Internet connection.

    However, if I were a bishop, and were counseling someone on how to manage their finances, I’d say for them to go ahead an keep their internet connection, as long as they read and Mormanity on a regular basis.

  9. urban legend mission stories. Ya know like the sister missionary who, in foreign language says “I’m pregnant at it’s his fault”, pointing to the Bishop and meaning to say she was embarrassed not pregnant.

  10. richdurrant:

    In Japanese, ippai is full, oppai is breastfeeding and I personally heard a missionary tell an investigaor that Christ killed for us. 🙂

    On topic: reading the domain name, it sounds like it should be a youtube or myspace type site for LDS.

  11. I also like the MySpace idea or something similar to YouTube. It would be nice to have a safe place that my 13-year old daughter could go that I wouldn’t have to worry about. But like James said, that would probably be a lot of work.

  12. Ok so we can use trusted volunteers with IT experience to help or we charge a very nominal fee to pay for it.

  13. What about an LDS craigslist of sorts? You know, someplace to sell temple-worthy wedding gowns or make job connections or sell food storage stuff? It could even have a g-rated personals section.

  14. My church asks for whatever you can afford to give. The Mosiac tyth is no longer in effect.

    Whoa, I’m glad ours draws the line at 10% (plus fast offerings).

    I’m also intrigued at who in your religion received the revelation that did away with tithing? It’s a principle that predates Moses (Abraham, for example, paid tithes to Melchizedek), so it’s not “just” Mosaic. When Christ referred to it in the New Testament, it was given as something men ought to do (Matthew 23:23), and I don’t see any revelation after that to remove that principle. So I’d like details.

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