Wedding Dresses: Modesty Can Work

My new daughter-in-law, Jennifer, demonstrates that a wedding dress can be beautiful and modest at the same time. Or rather, that a beautiful bride can still be beautiful and modest simultaneously. Welcome to the Lindsay family, Jenn! My son, Daniel, is a very lucky guy, and so am I! And I had a blast taking photos of the wedding at the Washington D.C. Temple and some more in Wilmington, North Carolina. More to come this weekend in Appleton, Wisconsin. (Click to enlarge slightly.)

The dress was purchased from a bridal shop in Provo at a surprisingly low price.

Update, July 18, 2009: As shown below, the young couple is already learning to communicate effectively. Here they try out their most recent wedding gift, a pair of shell phones. With the Verizon plan, they can talk on their shell phones with unlimited minutes at a surprisingly low cost. They can hear each other perfectly as long as they are both about 3 feet from the same tower. And there are no batteries to charge!

Finally, here’s a few from Appleton, Wisconsin:


Author: Jeff Lindsay

34 thoughts on “Wedding Dresses: Modesty Can Work

  1. Hey is that the one that came here to Vegas? He looks like the one I met. If so he put up with my questions about you splendidly.

  2. Actually, most women would be doing themselves a favor if they dressed modestly, particularly in a wedding dress. Strapless dresses in particular end up making women look fat even if they are not.

    She looks wonderful!

  3. Darn it, Ben Pratt, but I have to say that I don't think her shoes are blue…they're just in shadow. 🙁

    Great photos! And you've gained a Jennifer in the family. I think every family should have one, just to keep things interesting. More than one is just plain confusing.

  4. My shoes are definitely blue (Daniel actually picked them out for me!), we went with a turquoise/white color scheme.

    Thanks for making us look so good Jeff 🙂

  5. I wish more Mormon wedding dresses were attractive. I would have been so sad to wear the dresses that many Mormon women wear to get married.

  6. Stunning dress, beautiful couple and some great pictures. Congratulations to you both.

  7. Stunning dress, beautiful couple and some great pictures. Congratulations to you both.

  8. Hi All,

    Who says mormon wedding dresses aren't attractive. My wife's was one of the most beautiful I've seen. I may be a bit biased though.

    I tend to agree with the statement that was made about women dressing modestly for their weddings, and that strapless dresses tend to make them look fat. Here's the problem that I've seen, and many of you virtuous mormon women will understand what I mean. Where do you find a modest wedding dress in this day and age.

    That was the problem my wife faced. If you go into most bridal shops, you won't find wedding gowns with sleeves and modest bodices. Most are now made with spaghetti straps or are strapless, have low bodices, and are sleeveless. It takes a great deal of searching to find a modest wedding dress. The search is easier in places like Utah, Idaho, and Washington where there are large Mormon populations. But in other areas of the country it can be near impossible. So while I appreciate the virtue of the modest dress, it isn't that easy to keep that standard given the wedding climate that's out there.


    Catholic Defender

  9. Congratulations to you both Daniel and Jennifer. May God bless your future together.

    Jeff – excellent pictures! Weddings can raise huge smiles all round!

  10. Catholic Defender, I agree with you that those types of modest dresses are hard to find outside of the Utah/Idaho area, from all I've heard and read. Someone who doesn't live in those areas understandably would be hesitant to buy a bridal gown online or through the mail. I imagine a good tailor would come in pretty handy.

    I also agree with Anon @ 4:09 about immodest dresses (and by extension, immodest clothing in general) being unflattering. All it takes is a walk through any shopping mall to verify that. But, before I get too off-topic, let me just say that Jennifer's dress is not only very flattering to her, it puts the attention right where it should be: her shoes, er…I mean, her beautiful face. 🙂

  11. Jennifer looks lovely, to be sure. And so creative with the shoes. Just playing devil's advocate: Since when is showing a should immodest? I mean, you may not be able to wear it in the temple or with garments, but a shoulder is not inherently immodest!!!! And I beg to differ: Strapless or sleeveless dresses can look goregous and VERY flattering on women. Not ALL women of course, but inherently, these types of dresses do NOT make all brides look fat. Seriously…!

  12. It takes a great deal of searching to find a modest wedding dress.

    Hehe… when my wife was looking for a modest wedding dress she tried several bridal shops with no luck. One clueless shopkeeper even wondered, "Modest… is that a new brand?"

    Thanks for sharing awesome photos of a wonderful event!

  13. ya know the other great thing about the shell phones is if you close your eyes while you talk to each other it's like having a mini beach vacation. It's like you can hear the waves crashing

  14. Hi all!

    I'm getting married this coming saturday and I remember how nervous I was at first looking for a wedding dress.

    It actually didn't turn out to be so hard or stressful at all. I got it the first day I searched,(when you know you know), and I couldn't believe how simple it was. I bought one that already came with a jacket.

    You might be thinking that it must look ridiculous, but it actually gives it a little chic style to it. It has short sleeves and stays put. You could also buy the jacket seperately and it looks good on almost any dress. My dress isn't ballerinaish so it's even better. Don't mean to brag, but to me it really does.

    Try looking somewhere that has a wide range of accessories so you could find exactly what you're looking for. I tried David's Bridal which is where I pretty much got the whole package. Anyway, congrats to Daniel and Jenn and nice shoes Jenn! Now I get why your husband had turquoise
    : )

  15. Generalities are rarely correct. While I am in sympathy with the general statement of how flattering immodest dresses are/are not, I agree that there are women who pull it off. However, they are possibly the same women that could make a flour sack look good! In the meantime, there are waaaay too many women wearing dresses that belong on models!

    The point to modesty, however, is not necessarily the formality of being modest but the essential truth that our bodies are gifts from God that should be treated with sacred regard. You don't flaunt that which is sacred. You guard it from harm and curious eyes.

  16. Great pictures, great couple! I particularly loved the swirl.

    My wife and her mother made her wedding dress, and afterward it served as her temple dress until she was about 50. Modest and beautiful, like my wife.

  17. The easiest way to find a modest wedding dress is google or bing modest wedding dress and the city you are looking for.
    modest wedding dress chicago for instance. This will help narrow your search.
    Lots of girls choose modesty – not just Mormons.

  18. So, I found this site by googling "LDS Wedding dresses" … and I'd like to say as an LDS living in OMAHA! that it can be *very* difficult to find dresses that I feel comfortable in (Read: modest) here, I even had fewer options in KC and Des Moines. I have Jennifer's saved as what I'm looking for. One shop clerk laughed at me. 🙁 Oh well! The hunt continues!

  19. Modest— how is it modest? by not showing skin, or medest in price? Looling at the dress I suspect that a dress of that nature is far from the reachable cost of most LDS shoppers.

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