Thank You, Saint Louis! (And Kudos to the Frontenac Ward)

I’m so impressed with St. Louis. What a terrific experience I’ve had here. It began with a Sunday visit to the Frontenac Ward on the west side of town, where I was pleasantly surprised with the friendliness of ward members. I was greeted by six people before sacrament meeting started–a wonderful example of friendliness. Some of that came from missionaries, including the wonderful mission president, President Turley and his wife, but the regular ward members were very friendly also. The simple act of greeting strangers can make such a difference. Many thanks to the Frontenac Ward for setting a good example. The meeting was also terrific, with solid, scripture-based talks and a terrific musical performance by two of the young women graduating from seminary. Very promising young people!

Kindness to strangers is a hallmark of St. Louis. A local LDS leader and history buff and super friend pointed out that St. Louis was friendly to the Latter-day Saints and did not give in to the hateful directives of the infamous Extermination Order from Governor Lilburn Boggs. I really appreciate that!

What a beautiful city this is. Tonight after busy meetings, I participated in a family home evening with some of the greatest people on earth. We went to the grounds of Forest Park (by the stunning Art Museum) where we had pizza, a beautiful reading from scripture, then a pleasant evening walk in that amazing park where I got to try out my new Nikon camera.

Then we went to Missouri’s most famous attraction, where the longest lines and the thickest crowds in the state gather before this modern wonder of the world, a monument of hope that stands as a beacon to weary travelers and as an inspiration to the souls of many. I refer, of course, to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. Not kidding–this seems to be a bigger draw than the famous Arch. But it was worth the wait to try the thick custard (tart cherry for me!), which I understand was the inspiration for Blizzards and related thick ice cream products nowadays. Yes, local Missourians bought me frozen custard–another example of the true friendliness you find down here.

Thank you, Missouri! And thanks to my dear friends for making this such a great (and inexpensive) business trip.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

7 thoughts on “Thank You, Saint Louis! (And Kudos to the Frontenac Ward)

  1. While my wife served a mission in St. Louis, she once took a tour and was shown the extermination order by Gov. Lilburn Boggs. The tour guide was a descendant of Gov. Boggs, and she was also a Latter-day Saint.

  2. Jeff,

    I, too, have frequently worshiped at the church of Drewes’, but lately I have also started to dabble a little in the Fitz’s Root Beer heresy. They are both soooo good.

    Mark Brown

  3. Glad you had such a great time!
    Just came back from a scripture study with the missionaries and some other members, including an investigator who wants to be baptized ASAP.
    Man, could I feel the Spirit when they taught about repentance and asked if he would be baptized. It’s as if I was in that water again…

    Hats off to a wonderful day…

  4. Awesome! Glad to hear you liked your visit to St. Louis.
    Speaking about the history of the church in St. Louis, a guy in our ward co-wrote a book about just that. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but it's pretty interesting.

  5. Glad you enjoyed St. Louis. Did you get a chance to see the St. Louis Temple, which is just down the road from the Frontenac building.

  6. You said Mission President Turley?? Did you happen to get his name? I served under a President Turley back in 97-99.

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