Thank You, Naperville!

A relative of mine in need has shared with me some really touching stories of goodness and compassion from the people of the Naperville Stake. It’s making a big difference for a lot of people suffering in this deep recession that I’m worried might go even deeper. Without giving details, let me just say I’m impressed, relieved, and inspired by the generosity and Christian service being offered by so many people there. A great example for the rest of us. Thank you, Naperville!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Thank You, Naperville!

  1. Sam B. made a helpful comment that resulted in an edit to remove a potential off-topic controversy (my fault) that could be stirred again by leaving the comment in place as well. Sam, feel free to respond — hope you understand the deletion.

  2. Naperville is the stake just to the south of mine (Schaumburg). I know a some people down there, and they're really good folk.

  3. Jeff,
    I certainly understand–thanks for that. I would love to know more details about the goodness that occurred, but even without it, I love knowing that my people do good things. (And feel free to edit or delete this comment as you will to keep things on-topic.)

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