Straight Facts on Homosexuality and Same-sex Marriage

I received e-mail from Dr. Warren Throckmorton in response to my page, “Responding to Gay Activists: Homosexuality Can Be Changed.” He kindly informed me of a useful resource that he has put together at Lots of excellent material, including information about the soon-to-be-released movie, I Do Exist. I’ve already placed my order for the DVD since this is an issue I really care about.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t run into earlier. For those of you interested in social policy regarding the issue of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, Dr. Throckmorton looks like a source for well-reasoned and well-written information, though I’ve only scratched the surface of his site. I’d appreciate your comments.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

11 thoughts on “Straight Facts on Homosexuality and Same-sex Marriage

  1. Being gay is 50% biological, and 50% psychological. Why both?

    Being gay is a choice in that although someone may have homosexual feelings they live in a heterosexually dominant society and may be in mental turmoil because they are not comfortable in this society. So they choose to be straight when in fact they are gay. Where’s the research that says I can turn you gay!

    If you can turn one way, why not the other?

    The addage “because the good book says so” doesn’t cut it.

    Faith should never be blind, question faith.

    Question its very foundations.

    If that makes you stronger in your convictions so be it.
    The simple fact that various religious organisations change their doctrine to allow female priests, minority priests, gay priests, proves that the written word is open to interpretation. The only part of it that is not open to interpretation is the simple fact that everyone should love everyone else.

    Don’t be close minded.

  2. I believe that being gay is a choice. There is no such thing as a gay gene.

    Think about this…sometimes we see a little kid who is a little more on the feminine side than he should be or a little girl who is a little more on the masculine side. Does that make them gay? No. Just because a four year old boy walks like a girl, likes to dress like a ballerina, or play with dolls doesn’t make him gay. I think he just has a hormone imbalance. A girl who acts like a guy might have more male hormones and a boy who acts like a girl has more female hormones.

    There is no such thing as a gay person being gay by genetics. Its all by choice. Maybe they are tired of being with the opposite sex and think it would be fun to be with the same sex. Or maybe they want attention and since gays are getting a lot of attention these days they think it would be cool to be gay too.

    Being gay isn’t cool…its wrong. Everyone has their own belief and you are welcomed to think what you want but this is what I believe and being a free country, I am aloud to state my belief.

  3. Dear Mr. Lindsay, as one of the kindest people on the Internets, I expect better of you. Please; you, as a patent attorney, have at least a modicum of a scientific background. Why would people like Stuart Mathis kill themselves, on the steps, no less, of the Mormon Church, over their Homosexuality if it were a choice? they could simply say, hey, girls, teh hott.

    Also, that whole electrodes to the ugly bits + girl porn that BYU tried to no avail? If "Dr. Throckmorton" was right, don't you think the first, or hundredth zap to those tender bits would have changed the poor boys minds?

    Further, if homosexuality were a choice you would not expect birth order to have an effect on homosexuality, which it does. See Or any other number of references.

    The article, above discusses how each successive male birth that a woman has raises the chance that a subsequent male boy will be gay. Thus, Mormons with their larger family sizes have greater chance than society as a whole of having gay sons. Which they then get to reject, as per this latest post. Good going.

  4. Djinn, I haven’t said that gayness is inherently a choice nor have I said that any gay person can change. My page points to clinical results showing that for SOME, not all, of those who do not wish to be gay, change is possible. There are real people who used to be gay who wished to change and DID. It’s meant to give a little hope to those who want to change. This is one of the kindest things that can be told to someone who would rather change but has been told that change is impossible.

    It may not be easy and it may not work for many, but for some, with the right help, change is possible. Hope and change – they are possible!

    Telling people who are unhappy with their orientation that they can never change, pressuring them to not even try, is terribly unkind, wouldn’t you think?

  5. I have been looking at this issue and would like some scriptures in the book of Mormon that cover homosexual issues.

  6. I love it when people say: “I think boys who act feminine have a hormone imbalance–but they don’t have a genetic predisposition.”

    That’s funny? Now, for those who say that, how does your body produce hormones–hmmmm, I think genes come in there somewhere.

    Just so everyone knows, hormones are made and converted by these things called enzymes! Enzymes are encoded by your DNA! Therefore, if a gene that can be transcribed to produce, for example, androstenedione, is always turned on, then you would have an excess of androstenedione, which could be converted into testosterone!

    Do you see what you’re doing, now? By saying that these people have a hormone imbalance, you are actually secretly saying that something funny is going on with their gene function.

    However, current research suggests that the presence or absence of male hormones in utero during fetus formation can strongly influence sexual orientation (see Rivera et al 2005).

  7. It doesn't always come down to just genes. Lot's of things effect how enzymes function such as vitamins, many of which function as cofactors for certain enzymes.

  8. There is no gay gene?
    15 years ago there was no MTHFR gene, because it hadn't been discovered.

    There is also no gene to determine the slant of Asian eyes, does that mean Asians choose to slant their eyes?

  9. I'm LDS but I believe that Homosexuals don't choose to be gay and that they are born that way.

    And i don't see why they can't get married. I thought god loved everyone? I thought he forgives if you repent? does this not apply to gay individuals?

    Honestly anyone who says that homosexuals choose to be that way is closed minded. How do you know being gay is by choice? Are you or have you previously been gay and know this for a fact?Where's the science that shows me that being gay is a choice?

    Stop being so worried about what other people do with their lives and live your own.

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