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I’ve had some brief encounters with people of the Sikh religion recently. I’ve known that they typically had the last name of “Singh,” were often from Punjab Province in India, were monotheistic and generally quite decent people, but I still didn’t know much about what they believed. A resource that helped me better understand their religion is I especially appreciate the page comparing Sikhism to other religions. Click on the graphic of books at the bottom of the page to get comparisons for specific religions. There is also a page at that is helpful.

If any of your are LDS converts from Sikhism or are a Sikh investigating the Latter-day Saints, I would appreciate hearing your perspectives about the Latter-day Saints and the challenges in converting or the differences that bother you most.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “The Sikh Religion

  1. Jeff, when I was an undergrad at BYU a decade ago, there was a Sikh teaching Comparative Religion together with Professor Keller. He later went on to work as director of the BYU Art Museum, if I understand correctly. You might try looking for and contacting him for a comparative view between Sikhism and the Church.

  2. Jeff,
    Perhaps you took a math class from Dr. Gill when you were at BYU. He has a Sikh background.

  3. I’m brazilian and I spend my teenages as a LDS. I’ve never had dificults with some commandments, apecially those related to meal, etc. Despite my own testimony about its truth, I felt a bit intimidated about the idea of hair length – I always like to wear it long, but the church…
    Now, at Sikhism, I’ve learned that our hair is a gift from our Almighty Father, and we can accept it or not.Slaveness and its substitute – employees versus boss – got to be subject to bumptious precepts, and so, men have losen their freedom and became witless before all of this. LDS people use to say they don’t belong to this “world”, so, why do they still support such silly standard? Sikhism can better represent such idea, so they are in this world, but they aren’t its hostage, they’re not influenced by fashion and so many trinkets! Mormons could learn many things from them. Thanks.

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