Off Topic: Reviewers Needed

Warning: uninspiring secular content! Reader discretion advised.

I know at least some of you are interested in the area of business growth, innovation, new product development, and entrepreneurship, because you’ve called me or emailed me for tips and advice, or in some cases have brought very interesting opportunities to my attention. I’m hoping some of you might do me a favor now. With the recent release of Conquering Innovation Fatigue, the book I’ve been working on for the past 3 years, one of our needs is to get further reviews posted at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

If you’d like to review but don’t have a copy, I’ll send out a copy to the first, say, three or four people who express a willingness and ability to write a review. Tell me a little about yourself, and if you’ve done other reviews at Amazon already, that’s a real plus. Contact me at jeff at, with “REVIEW” in the subject line.

You can get some of the content by previewing it at Amazon (use, and there are some free chapters over at Naturally, I’m hoping for fair reviews, like the ones that several innovation experts have already posted at Amazon (mostly 5 stars, gratefully), but please be honest rather than merely kind.

Meanwhile, you should know that the book is a perfect gift for the innovators, leaders, researchers and government officials in your life. Great for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and, yes, even divorces. For divorce gifts, buy two–his and hers. But if it brings the couple back together and saves yet another marriage, let me know and I’ll buy a redundant book back from them.

On a more serious note, LDS folks might be interested to see the two-sides of the Philo Farnsworth story I explore regarding his own painful journey in facing, conquering, and possibly succumbing to innovation fatigue. Was this Mormon man the true inventor of television? It’s a complex question–and much can be learned in exploring that.

Please forgive this largely “off topic” post. But rest assured that it was inspired by very sincere pride and selfishness.

Basic info on the book is given at and at, which also has the supporting blog.

Update: The original version of this post offered a second copy of the book or another perk to those who bought a copy to review. The previous offer still stands for those who chose to act on it–please let me know–but to avoid the appearance of compensating people based on the content of the review, I’ve modified the offer so that I’ll send out copies to some potential reviewers who are then free to say whatever they want, which was my intention all along. Unfortunately, the ratio of received reviews to sent out copies has been disappointingly low, so I’m hoping that if you accept a book, that you’ll take the time post a sincere review, preferably both at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Meanwhile, if you have suggestions for book promotion, let me know. Even though I’m thrilled that what I consider to be the world’s leading publisher in this area has taken on our book, the bulk of the marketing is up to the authors, and, as usual, I’m out of my league here and could use some help.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Reviewers Needed

  1. Love the idea of a gift for people going through a divorce. Really think it could help? Probably better than spending more on lawyers….

  2. By when would you need the review? Also, could I send you the way of a friend of mine who might be a good person to have read it?

  3. Would prefer reviews by Dec. 10. Reviews from any capable reader are welcome. It's aimed at business, innovators, leaders, etc., and while there is plenty of intrigue and mystery, it isn't exactly Harry Potter – not that it's a painful read, I hope.

  4. I'm a long time reviewer. You can do a search for DeborahBrent on Google and Amazon. I'd love to review your book.

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