Public Service and the Beehive

Can you guess the major city where I took the following photo? Notice the beehive at the center of the ornate window. Hint: It’s in a beautiful, historic building with the words “Public Service” above the entry. The beehive is a great symbol not just for “industry” as it is for the State of Utah, but also for selfless service, which would seem to be more relevant to the Gospel of Jesus Christ than “industry” (in the sense of hard work and productivity). The building’s current use is linked to the theme of light and power, and the association of light with the beehive in the photo also suggests several Gospel themes. And who knows, perhaps even the parking ramp in the background invokes some kind of religious symbolism. Can you suggest a Gospel-themed caption? A brief flicker of fame could go to the person with the suggestion I like best.

(Click to enlarge. Close up of the beehive is below.)


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Public Service and the Beehive

  1. [Man] possesses within him a spark of that eternal flame which was struck from the blaze of God’s eternal fire in the eternal world, and is placed here upon the earth that he may possess true intelligence, true light, true knowledge. -John Taylor, JD 8:4

  2. I am curious to find out. I looked around the web with keywords but can only guess it might be in SLC… maybe by a parking ramp for the convention center?

  3. The answer: Milwaukee! The Public Service Building in downtown Milwaukee used to be the central location for trolleys that served the city. It is now the headquarters for We Energies, the large utility company that provides power to much of Wisconsin.

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