Powerful Lessons About Deity and Revelation: The Christmas Story in Luke 2

When my family reviewed the Christmas story in Luke 2 during recent scripture study, I was impressed with a number of teachings there that might be helpful to LDS people trying to help others understand the Gospel, or in responding to some common questions or objections about LDS views. For example, the issue of revelation from God to man is prominent, with revelatory tools including angels and other means. I found the story of Simeon especially intriguing (verses 25-35). While some non-LDS ministers have challenged the Book of Mormon’s teachings on the Holy Ghost, insisting instead that the Holy Ghost was not active ever until after the day of Pentecost, the story of Simeon strongly supports the LDS view. We read that the Holy Ghost has been upon Simeon, and that he had received revelation through the Holy Ghost about the coming of the Savior (vs. 25-26). Further, he was guided by the Spirit to go to the Temple, where he saw the young Jesus. It’s a basic example of a person receiving guidance from the Spirit (and being led to the Temple, and to Christ – a divine pairing even today in the Restored Church).


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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