Photos from the Arabian Peninsula

For those of you interested in the growing body of Book of Mormon evidence from the Arabian Peninsula, I’ve got a few photos on my Book of Mormon Evidences page. All were posted with permission, some from The Nephi Project photo gallery and others from, the official site of the Ministry of Information of the Sultanate of Oman. They were most gracious – and I would love to return the favor by making a visit to their beautiful country someday. The Omani Website apparently was down for a while as they switched from a “.com” to “.om” domain, but I’m glad to see it up and even better than before.

To access the photogallery at, go to their site and click on “gallery” and then “tourism,” and click through their photos. Amazing views! Some of these photos help demonstrate the plausibility of the place Bountiful in First Nephi, said to be due east of Nahom/Nehhem, which puts Bountiful on Oman. Remember, it’s a place the anti-Mormons have said simply couldn’t be there. (They also denied the possibility of the River Laman in the Valley of Lemuel, and now we’ve got photos of an entirely plausible candidate for that, thanks to the Nephi Project.)

A related photo from Salalah is on a page at the Dhofar Tourism site and another photo or two of interest can be found at the Tourism Oman site (look at the photo of green mountains in the center column). Also see the Port of Salalah site. Useful links are given at the bottom of their Salalah page. A flash-intensive site,, also provides a photogallery of scenes from the Dhofar region of Oman.

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Author: Jeff Lindsay

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