Newport, California: A Beautiful New Temple in a Beautiful Place

While in California at the end of June, we had the chance to visit the new Newport Temple that is about to open. Here is a photo I took:

It’s a beautiful temple in a beautiful place. For even more beautfy, we went down to Newport Beach that evening and strolled in the mist from the waves as the sun was setting. Here is a view from a pier that I like:

And another:


Author: Jeff Lindsay

7 thoughts on “Newport, California: A Beautiful New Temple in a Beautiful Place

  1. Wish I’d known you’d been out here, Jeff. We could have had dinner. I live only 4 or 5 miles from the temple site.

  2. Oh, and the Orange County Register ran a very nice article about the open house on Wednesday, 20 July. The online version has some very nice color photos of the interior and exterior.

    The article is HERE (registration required).

  3. Mike, so sorry I didn’t think of that – forgot you were in California. I’ll be in Brea again sometime and will be sure to let you know.

  4. Oh I like the Newport Temple. It is so much better than the cookie cutter Temples we were getting used to. It is very California and I am glad to see that they are trying to fit in with the scenery. As for the San Diego Temple, I like it and think it looks great up there on the hill. It was one Temple that took years to build because of all the problems with what the members wanted and what the Church wanted to build.

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