Mormons Knit for Penguins and Other Breaking News

A touching story from down under, “Mormons Knit to Save Endangered Penguins,” is featured on the newsroom. There are some headlines that are just too strange to make up, so I guess it must be true. Kudos to the good folks in Australia! This story, as moving as it is, is over two weeks old.

Mormon news is something I seem to have trouble with. Do you have a good recommended resource? News at can be pretty stale by the time it shows up and is fairly limited in scope. For “Mormon news”, the #1 result from Google is, which appears to have been frozen in time since May 2, 2002 (probably due to those darn antis, always trying to force us to live in the past!). But for my news, I prefer things more along the lines of 2005 or even 2006, when available.

In fact, on a very somber note, I was looking for news on a report given in comments on my previous post that a missionary was just shot in Argentina. Nothing on that topic appears to be in the news media right now. I have a son who served in Argentina and another son on a mission in Nevada right now. I will not be surprised when there is occasional violence against missionaries and other members of the Church, especially with the messages of hate that are being distributed by our enemies (both religious and political enemies), but will be greatly saddened. As Christ prophesied, those who persecute and slay the Saints will even think they are serving God (John 16:2). And when it happens, I’d like to find out ASAP, so I’d appreciate any suggestions for good LDS-related news sources.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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