The Miracle of the Cat

Tonight I called my mother in Utah and learned of an event that she can only describe as miraculous. I have her permission to share it here.

This year she became ill with a curable kidney problem. When I saw her in September, I was quite concerned. Her legs were terribly bloated from water due to the kidney problem. It made it hard to walk, caused discomfort in many other ways, and really looked bad. She had gained about 40 pounds of water. We were very worried. The doctors put her on a group of medications and told her it could take a year or longer to get the bloating down. Many have been praying for her, and my father gave her a reassuring priesthood blessing a couple weeks ago. But there seemed to be almost no progress. The medications were having little detectable effect.

About a week ago, one of her gentle cats did something most unusual. Out of the blue, for no obvious reason, it went over to her while she was seated and scratched her leg. She looked at the scratch and wasn’t worried. It was pink, but there was no bleeding. Later she noticed a little water was oozing from the wound. And then came more, and it kept oozing and dripping out of her leg. She called a nurse who said this could be serious, and asked her to check in to the emergency ward. A doctor checked her out and said she was OK, and if the scratched helped get rid of water, then let it be.

Over the course of the past six days, she has lost 31 pounds of fluid. The bloating is largely gone, and people tell her she looks 20 years younger. It amazes me.

Sometimes, when the Lord in his mercy decides, for whatever reason, to intervene and work a miracle, He often sends someone else to help. Sometimes it’s an angel, a visiting teacher, or a bishop. And now I know of at least one case where it seems that He sent a cat.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

20 thoughts on “The Miracle of the Cat

  1. In the past leeches have been used for similar problems. And in certain times in Salem leaking water from a cut instead of blood would be considered a certain sign of a witch.

  2. Oops, I didnt read the post that well. Well, sounds like the medicine wasnt working. In that case, I’m going to take a cat with me to work.

  3. I hope your mother is doing well and will make a full recovery. Jeff you had to know that this one would bring all the Trolls out to huff and puff.

  4. Goes to show that doctors don’t know everything.

    Besides, draining fluid via needle is a common procedure. I wonder why they didn’t consider it, or if they did, why they didn’t do it.

  5. I don’t want to destroy the positive vibe this post has generated. However, I would like to emphasize that, as someone with experience with this issue, your mother should consider visiting other doctors.

  6. Oh certainly…even Mother Johnson saw a doctor after JOseph healed her arm. Ain’t nothing sacreligious about that.

  7. You know, I do appreciate hearing people’s experiences under certain circumstances. That said, I wonder about the appropriateness of the venue sometimes. Jeff, you’ve been pretty good, so I’m not referring to you…

    It’s just that it I’ve had my share of spiritual experiences and, at times, felt inclined to share them with people in certain circumstances. I’ve never felt any desire to post them on the web for everyone to see…just a touch out of the mainstream, that’s all.

  8. Right. There was an experience shared that was a little too – personal? Out there? Private? I deleted it, and agree with Russell’s comments.

  9. Sorry about the cat story. As a convert I have to becareful what others are able to except. Did not me to upset or offend.

  10. When I was a new convert I was called to a mission where many new converts had many stories like Jeff’s, the post that was removed and many other fantastic stories some of them seeing Jesus and some talking with Him. They learned their lessons quickly about telling their stories as they were put in their place for telling such stories. Mostly from members that had never gained a testimony for them selves. Then when I sat in testimony meetings and heard some of the most unbelievable stories and sometimes I would felt the spirit and other times I did not. But there were always members there to put them in their place and remind them not to tell such stories. After many years of seeing how members treated others that told such fantastic stories amd would drive them out of the church I decided to join the and had my name taken off of the records church. You can beat us up but you can never take my testimony away from me.

  11. Did you hear the one about the cats that glows in the dark? Just wait untill you see what else they have instore for us.

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