Mind Readers

This is my first attempt at a podcast for Mormanity. My short little discourse deals with the phenomenon of mind readers — the people who instantly know what’s in your mind and heart as soon as they learn you’re a Mormon. Let me know if you have technical difficulties.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

19 thoughts on “Mind Readers

  1. Great podcast.

    If you keep them coming, is there any way you can post the podcast to iTunes or have a separate RSS feed so I can subscribe to it in my iTunes?


  2. Jeff,

    Wonderful insight Jeff. I stumbled upon your sight a four years ago. I visit nearly everyday. I agree whole-heartedly with the post. The Mind Readers are everywhere, at least they make life interesting.

  3. Jeff, what media player did you use for this? Does it require a format conversion, and is it easily embeddable? I’m looking to post some audio on my son’s blog (www.thedinosaurboy.com) and I haven’t found a suitable embeddable player.

    By the way, I liked the podcast. After reading you for 5 or so years, it was nice to finally put a voice with the face!

  4. Great podcast, Jeff. Will Blogger let you setup podcast enclosures in the RSS feed so the audio can be downloaded to an iPod in true podcast fashion?

  5. Nice podcast. Is there a setting to turn down the sarcasm? Then again, having read Jeff for many years I doubt it.

  6. Hey, neat! I just got home from rehearsing at the Easter Pageant (http://www.easterpageant.org) and wanted to read your blog but am REALLY tired… It was actually really nice and really easy to listen to it.. plus, the sarcasm comes across much better than in text.

    Todd (Caiaphas in this year’s pageant)

  7. Great podcast! I might try that guess the number trick some time!

    By the way, you have a great radio-personality-type voice. I’ve never heard your voice before, so the first thing I thought of was that you sound like Mr. Smith (Hugo Weaving) in The Matrix. “Can you guess which number I am thinking of Misster Anderson?”

  8. Thanks Jeff, I definitely appreciate this podcast, and its good to hear your voice after years of reading your blog. I wouldn’t call myself an anti mormon, but I was looking into the LDS church at one time. Though it isn’t for me I do find some truth to some teachings. I admit, there are times that when I find out somebody is a mormon, I assume a lot of things about them. I need to stop doing this and your post is a good reminder. I try to be open to people, and making assumptions about people is just the opposite. Thank you Jeff! -and I’m sure my fellow mormon colleagues thank you too : )

  9. Hi Jeff,

    I really enjoyed your podcast. I have to agree with the person who left a comment saying that you have a great radio personality voice, because you sure do! It surprises me how much the LDS church is maligned by others, especially other Christian denominations, and you do a wonderful job here reaffirming the faith and beliefs that the Church subscribes to.

  10. Nice podcast. I enjoyed the humor. But when telling off the smarmy people, try not to be smarmy yourself. That is often my undoing. I too easily end up reviling against the revilers, and that is a no-no.

  11. That sorta reminds me of the dumb questions I get when people find out that I don’t eat meat (nothing with eyes). The first question is always where do you get your protein. I say from the same sources as the cows – grains and other plant foods.

  12. The podcost was both interesting and well done.

    The content was right on too. And the non-LDS apologists aren’t the only ones who think they can read our minds. To be honest, I hesistant to mention my faith with strangers out of fear that I’ll be instantly perceived as a sexist, homophobic Republican with a wife who’s barefoot and pregnant.

  13. Anonymous at 1:12, that’s exactly why you SHOULD mention your faith! Buck the unfair stereotypes, man! If the non-republican/sexist/homophobic/barefoot-wived mormons spoke up more often, then maybe mormons wouldn’t be percieved in such a way.

    Although despite my advice otherwise, I suppose am the same way. I rarely mention my religious beliefs in front of strangers. In the kind of world we live in today, even being christian has a stigma.

  14. Hey Jeff,

    I’m not LDS, but I respect some of the LDS teachings (what little I know!). I desire to follow the example of Jesus and am sorry for the way you and other LDS have been treated by certain others.
    Peace to you.

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