Kermit Gosnell, Puppy Killer: High-Profile Story from an Alternate Universe

In a not-too-distant parallel universe, nearly everyone in America has been following the gruesome details during each shocking day of the trial of Kermit Gosnell, puppy killer. For decades, Kermit has been running a pet clinic in which he helped owners get rid of unwanted pets–not by putting them up for adoption, but by slaying them. He not only conducted questionable and cruel late-term pet abortions, but he sometimes killed living, viable, newly born puppies with scissors who otherwise would have survived his hideous “medical procedures.” In that alternate universe, watching TV or picking up a newspaper was becoming much more unpleasant than normal with the non-stop sensational coverage that focused on the gruesome, bloody, and stomach-turning details of Kermit’s massively profitable business. For millions, the logo of Gosnell’s clinic coupled with Gosnell’s scissors would become almost as vivid as the swastika as a symbol of ultimate evil. Fortunately, outraged Americans would remember the victims, would be shocked by their previous indifference to late-term and newborn puppy slaying, and would stand up to prevent such atrocities from happening again. Organizations that had promoted that lucrative business model were left despised and unfunded.

Back in our universe, most Americans have been spared any exposure to the horrific details of our version of Kermit Gosnell and his shop of horrors, where the victims had the misfortune of being humans instead of puppies. As a result, the seats reserved for the media at the Gosnell trial were largely empty. Major outlets gave it almost no coverage until bloggers made it impossible to ignore, and even after the impossible-to-ignore verdict came out,  the New York Times would continue to prefer its previously called out and willfully incorrect term “fetus” to describe the living infants murdered outside the womb, humans who were just as much a fetus as you and I are.

Because Gosnell’s late-term pre-natal and “post-natal fetuses” were of the wrong species, their deaths had to be ignored for the most part in order to advance the ultimate good of “choice.” Gosnell has now been convicted on three counts of murder (not choice), and his story raises many serious questions that merit some attention. I hope the story will break past the faithful censorship of the mainstream media. If only the victims had been puppies (no, I don’t wish such atrocities upon any mammal!), maybe the media would have cared.

Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “Kermit Gosnell, Puppy Killer: High-Profile Story from an Alternate Universe

  1. It's also of not that this monster was tried in a liberal district and that the judge dropped 8 of the charges for not enough evidence (despite having video and medical records to prove it)and they still found him guilty of 3 of the charges.

  2. Obama's callousness in voting down any level of protection for babies who survived abortion is something that needs to be discussed now. It was hidden from Americans in the past, but his extremist position on this topic is directly relevant to this case and needs discussion. Is he going to phone Gosnell to express support? Maybe even call him a victim and a hero? Let's see.

  3. First Anonymous:

    "this monster was tried in a liberal district"

    Anonymous evidently doesn't know anything about Philadelphia.

    "dropped 8 of the charges for not enough evidence"

    When the primary case is waterproof, the proceedings can be simplified by dropping extra charges. Although Anonymous was undoubtedly trying to expose a vast liberal conspiracy, this note does nothing more than expose Anonymous's ignorance of the judicial system.

    Second Anonymous:

    "Is he going to phone Gosnell to express support?"

    You're sick.

  4. @Third Anon

    First Anon here and I love how you try to discredit it by saying I know nothing about Philadelphia yet fail to provide any evidence that my statement is false. Also the Judge dropped air tight charges which the prosecution wished to keep. This wasn't a case of trying to make the trial simpler it was a politically motivated move on the judges part to appear as more of a friend to the mostly pro-abortion left.

    As for your statement towards anon 2.

    How is he sick? Obama is good friend with known murderer Bill Ayers he has supported other disgusting abortionists in the past as well, why is it sick to question the President especially on this issue? This is the same man who said he'd rather his daughters have an abortion than have "to live with the mistake". I find the only disgusting person here the one playing politics over human life. As for me I'm an anarchist I just happen to believe in morality as well.

  5. What I find sick, truly sick, is that any human being would forbid others to rescue and save a viable baby once it has been born, even if –or especially if–it just survived a botched abortion. The most extreme stance among America's politicians that I know of, based upon his voting record, is that of a certain Illinois politician who opposed even basic human rights for such babies, condemning them to death.

  6. Planned Parenthood's support of creeps like Gosnell needs to be remembered. They need to be held accountable for their tireless support of late term brutality.

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