Keeping Anti-Mormon Ads Off Your LDS Blog

When I first started this blog at, I was surprised to see ads for anti-Mormon sites appearing at the top of my page. I sent a complaint in to technical support. Wonderfully, they listened and upgraded my account to an ad-free blog. I have noticed some other LDS folks with blogs have anti-Mormon ads showing up. Don’t settle for that kind of abuse, brothers and sisters. Jewish sites should not have to bear anti-Semitic ads, and Mormon sites should not have to deal with anti-Mormon ads. (But if your low-carb blog gets some high-carb ads, I wouldn’t worry too much.)

When I contacted the support team, I asked if I could pay to get rid of the ads. They noted that this option is not available presently, so kindly upgraded me to the ad-free status. I really appreciate the service at


Author: Jeff Lindsay

12 thoughts on “Keeping Anti-Mormon Ads Off Your LDS Blog

  1. An alternate solution would be to allow the Google anti-Mormon ads and encourage all your visitors to click on them.

    Since the ads are sponsored on a pay-per-click basis, each click costs the anti-Mormons money.

  2. I’ve seen this idea promoted before. However, ads in uncompetitive industries such as Mormonism are probably only costing the sponsor 5 or 10 cents per click.

  3. Cool. Thanks, Jeff.

    Although now that I’ve built up some content on my blog, I’ve managed to drive out most of the anti ads because my blog’s focus is so narrow — Seagull books has been a consistent ad on my blog for weeks now and Deseret Book pops up as well.

    Hmmm. Maybe I could cut a deal with them.

  4. you better cut a quick deal with Seagull before Deseret Book runs them out of business. If you are not informed on the situation read todays Tribune.

  5. If you sign up with Google adsense you can actually get paid to show ads on your blog( The other nice thing is they allow you to restrict certain topics and URL’s from displaying their ads on your blog. So you could allow all the pro-Mormon ads that you want while eliminating the anti ads. Plus you can make a little soda money on the side when people click on those links.

  6. LDS theme busineses should be encouraged (and subsidized by their users) to bid more aggressively on common Mormon Keywords.

    I do – I run a major travel website (, but I added a LDS themed travel page and I shifted a portion of my ad budget to bid on Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc.

    It would be helpful to get some more customer activity to offset my cost to bumb ant-mormon ads off of all LDS themed websites that are running with Google Ads, etc.

  7. Frank is just trying to get back links to his website. You should take his post or at least his website off of his post.

  8. Thanks, David. I deleted Frank W.’s hideously offensive comments. What crude people we have out there!

  9. I am currently assembling a vast chapter of the prominent * KKK * soley committed to the extraction and execution of any Cultist gatherings such as you. expect a visit in the very near future.

  10. Hi Sythe,

    I am sure after reading more on this site you will change your mind and won’t want to execute us anymore. You are welcome to join us. Some cults really turn out to be wonderful churches.

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