How Strengthened Ties with My Mother

I’d like to thank for one of the most enjoyable times I’ve spent with my mother. While I was in Salt Lake recently, one of my priorities was to upgrade her antique computer and show her the many powerful features of so that her many treasures of genealogical information can be uploaded and shared, and so that she can see how much fascinating information is available that she doesn’t yet have. She’s getting on in years (unlike me, of course!) and loves genealogy, but has been very old-school in her approach without realizing how far online resources have come.

Wow, what a fun time this was. Once she learned how easy is is to explore the “fan chart” of ancestors and to look at documents and photos others have uploaded for her ancestors, she lit up like a kid in a candy shop–no, more like me in a European cheese shop.’s tools have opened up a lot of new possibilities for my mom.

Next time you have some time with your mother or father, why not help them get an account set up at FamilySearch and get them going in discovering and sharing? Hours of fun await.

Author: Jeff Lindsay

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