Enjoying the 2018 FairMormon Conference and Speaking Tomorrow on the “Arise from the Dust” Them in the Book of Mormone

I’m attending the 2018 FairMormon Conference at the Utah Valley Convention Center today. The crowd is even bigger than last year, maybe 300 people I’m guessing. I missed yesterday’s session due to family responsibilities, but the program today has been terrific with many highlights, including the report from Jeffrey Bradshaw about the stories of many individuals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he just completed a mission. I’m looking forward to learning from tomorrows speakers as well, with the exception of the one at 1:00 PM, which will be given by me on some of the tentative discoveries from exploring the ancient motif of dust as applied so appropriately and artfully in the Book of Mormon.

Some presentations today include:

  • Sara Riley, “’Even as Moses Did’: The Use of the Exodus Narrative in Mosiah 11-18,”
    a careful and insightful analysis of the many subtle allusions to the Exodus found in the Book of Mosiah.
  • Brad Wilcox, “‘Have You Been Saved By Grace?’ How Do We Respond?,” a powerful, illuminating, and entertaining presentation on the power of grace and how to help other Christians better understand our views on how grace leads to salvation by understanding what salvation actually means.
  • Steve Densley and Geret Giles, “Barriers to Belief,” a much-needed and highly valuable discourse on the role of mental health issues (various forms of anxiety, for example) in responding to complex or difficult aspects of the LDS faith. By better understanding the needs of others who think and respond differently than we do, we can better minister to their needs.
  • Jeffrey Bradshaw, “Stories of the Saints in the DR Congo,” a remarkable and inspiring review of the lives of many individual Latter-day Saints in the DR Congo. This will motivate many of us to be more attentive to the needs of our brothers and sisters in Africa and elsewhere.

Author: Jeff Lindsay

9 thoughts on “Enjoying the 2018 FairMormon Conference and Speaking Tomorrow on the “Arise from the Dust” Them in the Book of Mormone

  1. Oh boy! Tentative discoveries from a non-professional with an already established conclusion! Those possibly 300 people are sure to be on the edge of their seats! It's amazing to me this sort of quality intellectual brilliance doesn't draw a crowd 10 times that size!

  2. Quick aside—does Blogger allow you to correct typos in a post title? (Should be Theme not Them, and Mormon not Mormone.) A minor point, but still.

    — OK

  3. It is impossible for LDS to be attentive to other LDS anywhere because they can not even be attentive to LDS in their own wards because if a person is not in the right clique, or if a female member is married and her husband is not high up in the priesthood then the entire family is beneath everyone who runs the show.

    No exaggeration. I and many others have experienced horrible treatment by so called good LDS…..because we did not rate high enough, were not invited to join the right cliques, etc.

  4. Mr. Lindsey, you are so downright naive or obtuse or both. Or you employ the Mamet Principle. and you defend your horrible peers who are fascists and communists, as are most of the Salt Lake City church leadership.

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