Dream Big: The Recommended Music Video to Accompany That Soup

Naturally, those of you who are trying out my just-released recipe for butternut squash soup are asking, “Jeff, what music video goes best with this soup?” That’s a tough question. To narrow it down, I chose one particular and possibly subjective subcategory: music videos made by people that don’t look like they need to be locked up as soon as possible. Then I went even narrower: music videos by musicians with musical talent. It was still a tough decision, but here’s one candidate. For those of you in Utah, it’s from a band with Utah ties: Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand, perhaps most famous for their hit “Dream Big” — that’s the video I suggest. There are some parts of this video that require the warning, “Do Not Attempt This at Home” (mostly the guy with the bottle). Anyway, this song has a rhythm and message that I think go well with the conflicted philosophical background of my butternut squash soup.

The video is on YouTube. Embedding has been disabled so I can’t place it here, but just go to the YouTube link. Warning: there’s a 10-second commercial at the beginning. The one I saw had a child asking Congress to quit digging us deeper into debt. Some viewers with an insatiable appetite for more debt found that horribly disgusting and couldn’t swallow my healthy, frugal soup after that. In the spirit of equal time, I tried to find a music video with an ad in which children called for more crushing debt to be put on their backs, but in every case the musicians were the kind who need to be locked up as soon as possible. I found some plain old non-musical political ads with that message–same problem with the politicians, though. So I’ll have to stay unbalanced for this post. But feel free to think positive thoughts about crushing debt. Meanwhile, for those of us with the crazy dream of bringing fiscal sanity to this nation, all I can say is, “Dream Big.” (Or anything but spend big.)

Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “Dream Big: The Recommended Music Video to Accompany That Soup

  1. If it makes you feel better, the ad that I got to watch was for dish network and involved large football players smashing up someone's kitchen. Which is clearly the exact opposite of reasonable fiscal spending. Yes?


    (Oh come on. It makes at least as much sense as your soup needing a musical accompaniment.)

    Great song, by the way. It was new to me, so I appreciate the introduction.

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