Daring Young Mom: “Drops of Awesome”

I think some of you might be refreshed and strengthened by reading “Drops of Awesome” from the Daring Young Mom blog of Kathryn Thompson in Seattle. If you tend to discredit the good that you do and focus on your failings, or if you are painfully aware of how often you fall short of your potential in spite of sincere efforts to do good and follow God, this post might help you see things in a new light.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

5 thoughts on “Daring Young Mom: “Drops of Awesome”

  1. Thanks for this! I picked out so many good parts for myself, then declared it Required Reading for my two daughters, both brand new mothers who are doing so well and feeling like failures. Excellent!


  2. Thanks for keeping us informed of so many things, from books to music to other sites to news to doctrine etc.!! Greatly appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the link Jeff! My father-in-law and husband are both big fans of yours and we all thought this was cool.

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