Coping with Rejection and Mockery

It’s not the most pleasant part of the Christian journey, but facing the jeers of the world is something we need to be prepared for. Any aspect of our faith that requires faith is one that can seem crazy to others and may elicit mockery. Sometimes it comes from fellow Christians, sometimes from people who find faith of any kind ridiculous, and sometimes from people who just enjoy causing pain. What a world of difference there is between respectful disagreement and cruel mockery. May we be cautious that our own disagreeing does not become scorn or arrogant contempt.

Photos were taken with Chinese paintings from a famous Chinese artist on display at the Hotel Baili in downtown Yangpu, a tiny little village next to a very industrial port on western Hainan Island, China.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Coping with Rejection and Mockery

  1. The mocking faces in these paintings certainly capture the cruelty and lack of regard for feelings perpetuated by those who somehow feel they have something to gain by attacking others and their beliefs. They bring to mind the faces of the anti-Mormon protestors we encountered when my family and I visited Palmyra for the pageant. I recall the bewilderment and hurt experienced by some of my younger children as a result of the taunting.The caricatures are also reminiscent of the expressions of some of the pundits and comedians we see on TV who seek respectability or laughs at the expense of our faith. As you say, I hope we remain cautious in our own behavior, as I have noticed that some of the casual conversation among our members occasionally comes dangerously close to the line between "respectful disagreement" and "contempt" when discussing the beliefs of others.

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