Chicago Temple Now Open Again

Following damage from a broken water pipe, the Chicago Temple in Glenview, Illinois is up and running again, according to my sources. Great news!

For those visiting the Temple, be sure to consider a visit to Sweet Tomatoes (Word-of-Wisdom Approved!) on Willow Road, about 10 minutes from the Temple (2351 Willow Road, Glenview, IL, 847-657-8141). A tiny taste of the Celestial Kingdom for a Telestial price – whatever that means. I also like the Szchuan place on Milwauke Ave. near the Temple, as well as the two Korean places just yards from that, and the tiny Mexican place a few yards from Seoul Garden. Other suggestions for great places to eat near the Chicago Temple (or any other temple) are always welcome here.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “Chicago Temple Now Open Again

  1. Lucky to have a Sweet Tomatoes! We love the one in Denver and wish that somehow we could have one in Cheyenne (also a Temple). Maybe someday, but at our ages of 72 and 84, it may not be in our personal lifetimes. 🙂
    The only problem with Sweet Tomatoes is– one does tend to eat way much. So many tasty treats, so little time!

  2. The Chicago Temple is indeed open and beautiful. My husband and I worked that very first shift this past Tuesday, and saw many more patrons than normal on a quiet weekday morning. It was so good to feel the sweet spirit within those walls

  3. That’s wonderful news, Jeff.

    My wife and I enjoy eating in the Mesa Arizona Temple cafeteria on Friday night when they serve prime rib.

    Alternately, there is the Landmark Restaurant located just west of the temple at 809 W. Main St. Oddly enough, the Landmark used to be an LDS meetinghouse.

  4. Bro. Lindsay, did you hear about BYU-Hawaii getting flooded?

    I wonder how they will plan to restore the damaged parts…

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