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One of the first anti-Mormon works that was presented to me as a teenager was a work by the Tanners on the “over 3,000 changes” in the Book of Mormon. Looking at all the minor changes in spelling didn’t do much to shake my testimony, especially when I knew that the text was dictated and not a polished work that had been carefully crafted and spell-checked a thousand times before taking it to the printer (who introduced unwanted changes of his own that later had to be fixed). But the critics have honed their attack and pointed to some changes that go beyond mere spelling and punctuation. It’s helpful to understand the issues and the explanations. A useful resource is “Changes to the Book of Mormon” on Russell Anderson’s Website. I’ve also got an essay, “Changes in the Book of Mormon that may be of help. Please let me know of other pages, books, or articles that you feel should be considered.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “Changes in the Book of Mormon

  1. Two EXCELLENT articles on the “Mosiah” Benjamin” change are at FAIR. I suggest you read them as they are very good.
    The first is a brief summary of the latter but both are very good. Enjoy!

    Of all the changes that has occured though, probaby the only genuine criticism is probably why “Jesus Christ” was replaced by “Messiah” after the 1830 version. Do you have any knowledge on this, Jeff?

  2. P.S. another EXCELLENT article is on the issue of “Deuteo-Isaiah.” Many such as David Wright claim the BOM is false because certain chapters of Isaiah (i.e. those following ch.39)are quoted in the BOM (you can see this in his essay in mormonscripturestudies) and “proves” the text is false and that Smith plagirised, etc.

    Now, due to time constraints and the fact I am only 17, I do not know everything about this controveresy, but I believe Schiendler (the author of the article) makes an impressive case. Enjoy!

  3. So many people spend their time trying to figure out what is wrong with the Book of Mormon, with the LDS faith etc. Instead of being grateful to the most high for another witness of the divinity of his son, people try to find faults in it. I know for myself it is the word of God, a second witness that those on the American continent saw the resurrected son of God. Instead of reading for mistakes, read for truth, and you will find it.

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