Another Mormon in the News: Robert Gardiner

On October 4, the Wall Street Journal ran a story about the top diversified mutual funds. Their 10-year winner was the Wasatch Micro Cap Equity Fund (23.5% annualized return over the past 10 years) managed by Robert Gardiner (see “Most Diversified Stock Funds Managed Broad-Based Gains” by Laura Egodigwe, p. R3). The article notes that Gardiner is from Salt Lake City and “served a two-year Mormon mission in Paris.” Nice work, Brother Gardiner!

The fund is a closed fund, so don’t plan on investing now. But if you did 10 years ago, way to go!

I’ve managed to get my kids interested in saving and investing for the future. I let them give me some of their cash and I lump it with other funds that I invest. Of course, I cheat and give them the Lindsay Mutual Fund Guarantee: they will at least get their money back, but if the investment makes money, it’s theirs. Most of their investments have been in something I consider very safe with high upside potential. Kind of fun. And it helps them understand that by not going out to eat or by choosing a less expensive activity, we can save money and invest it for the future. They seem to get the idea.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Another Mormon in the News: Robert Gardiner

  1. Stock market looks pretty scary right now, though I’m bullish on biotech/medical (e.g., CELG and SRDX) and silver (and yes, there is an avocado stock I favor – shouldn’t discuss such things here!). But if you’ve got all or most of your money in stocks, you’re at high risk, I think.

  2. I served in the Paris France Mission from 1980 to 1980, and there was an Elder Gardiner in the Mission Office who served as Financial Secretary. I served the last week of my mission with him during which we opened a new town. Perhaps this is the same Elder Gardiner – who knew?

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