A Church Prepared for Crisis: The Timeliness of the Church’s Emphasis on Home-Centered Worship

When the Church announced in 2018 that it was shifting to less Sunday time in Church buildings and a greater emphasis on learning and worship at home, the reasons for that didn’t seem especially clear to me. Frankly, I missed the three-hour block and was a little frustrated to have Sunday School only ever other week since I really enjoy it (partly because we have had such great teachers and such interesting discussions in our classes with so many diverse and intelligent people from all over the world). But in 2019, the year of experience we had with new programs and a home-centered curriculum and with more flexible approaches to ministering to one another clearly paved the way for the Church in Asia to prepare for the current crisis we are facing with the Corona virus and the disease it brings, now known as Covid-2019.

In China, all organized religious gatherings are forbidden now to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Without the ability to meet as usual, the only way to worship now is at home. Fortunately, we have been prepared for that with a curriculum and some practice. The virus is now starting to rage in other parts of Asia, with some communities locked down in parts of South Korea, Vietnam, and probably other locations soon. Home-centered worship will become increasingly important.

It may become important in some areas in the United States. If you’ve followed the news about the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan where the virus is raging, perhaps you’ll share my dire forebodings about the plane of evacuated passengers that was brought to the US. I’m gravely disappointed that the stern warnings from the Center for Disease Control were ignored when the State Department decided to give seats on that flight to 14 passengers known to have the virus. It was a tough call, but a potentially disastrous one. See the Washington Post story, “Coronavirus-infected Americans flown home against CDC’s advice,” from Feb. 20, 2020. (Further, some people with the virus may have lied about being virus free and were put on that plane without requiring test results to reduce the risk, again raising questions about this evacuation flight.) I hope others were not infected on that flight and that dozens of new disease spreaders will not be walking casually among crowds across America. But with the surprisingly intense virulence of this disease and the apparent gaps in our quarantine procedures, it could strike suddenly and fiercely. Please be prepared. Be prepared to continue worshiping, but also be prepared to continue living. Build your supply of food, water, face masks, sanitation supplies, etc. (Those doing home schooling, by the way, are in a good position to reduce the risk of exposure in schools, which can be potent hotbeds for spreading viruses, and where simple screening measures such as checking temperature will miss many spreaders of the virus. The CDC has already warned that we may see school closures and other restrictions on public events in the near future.)

As COVID-2019 becomes a crisis that affects many lands, I pray that we can find ways to contain it without extreme and harmful measures, and that there can be relief to those areas that are afflicted. Meanwhile, I am grateful that the Church has prepared us with guidance on how to run a Church that is centered in the home more than in its buildings, and, of course, that we have been instructed for years on the wisdom of preparing for trouble with food storage and other forms of preparation. The financial reserves of the Church, the topic of so much unjustified anger, may be called upon in the future to help cope with such trials. The health risks of a world with so much international travel and so much traffic across borders without adequate health screening can be surprisingly high. Continue preparing!

Update, Feb. 22, 2020: The CDC has warned that we may need restrictions on churches, schools, etc. in the US, as has been done in China. See the Feb. 21, 2020 story, “CDC warns community COVID-19 spread could take place in US“:

Today officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned that although the agency is taking historic measures to slow the introduction of COVID-19 into the United States, the country should prepare for the possibility of community spread, as seen in China and neighboring Asian countries.

“The day may come when we may need to implement such measures as seen in Asia,” Nancy Messonnier, MD, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said in a press conference, referencing the closing of businesses, schools, and churches in multiple countries where transmission is now occurring within the community.

Author: Jeff Lindsay

33 thoughts on “A Church Prepared for Crisis: The Timeliness of the Church’s Emphasis on Home-Centered Worship

  1. Right! The church also has $100billion which could be very useful in providing comprehensive medical care to people faced with the virus.

    Think they'd let go of any of in the interests of their fellow Man?

    1. First, their humanitarian board was unanimous…. They donated hundreds of thousands Masks, and Sent other 'spread-mitigation' tools Straight to Wuhan within just a couple of days of it being made publicly aware.

      They've just donated 1.5 million to one of the biggest virus vaccination development companies in the world, which Bill and Melinda gates backs dollar for dollar… To contribute to the development of the vaccination and medicine to the virus, as quickly as humanly possible (which… Unless you find out how to tackle the virus… All the money in the world given to a people won't save them.)

      And without proper medicine development… They don't magically get better.

      They manage the donated funds very well. They're not wreckless. They now have a global university that costs more to run than every year than if all of their members donated 10 grand a year… for goodness' sake.
      But, although it means nothing to you, they are prepared with food and resources well beyond the 100 billion to give in times of emergency. If it gets within just a few years to expired, they make sure to donate it to those who will benefit the most from it.

      They are prepared to pull the trigger to help at any time in will make the biggest impact. (minus the amount of time it takes to turn their financial assets into cash.. Which I'm sure they take into account).

      If their 16 million members (baptized and confirmed), active or not… Let's say one day, they go, yeah, let's give it all back to the people in one big reverse donation. Those 16 mil people get a
      $6,250.00 dollar 'payday'. And then it's gone. Will that make the biggest, long – term, progressionary impact with those funds?

      The majority of people would spend it on things they've been wanting to buy… Maybe to pay off a little debt…maybe get a car. But the long-term capacity for that paper trail to make the largest impact would stop there. Most people don't know how to manage or grow the finances they do have… So much so That as soon as they could even
      'give it ALL " back " to the people'… It will be spent on whims, just like many tax returns, and then gone… that's that. That is the impact those compounded funds would have made.

      Also… Most people don't realize how little of that is actually donations.

      The majority of it was a result of wise investments to grow that money to have to help for situations like these… Rather than just spend it all on church buildings, plumbing, water electricity, property taxes and parking lots. Or give themselves a big payday.

      You don't see Joel Osteen or heck, even hillsong united, keeping their donated money out of their own leaders' personal finances.

      Those who donate know that the church uses their donation to help others, especially in times like this.
      No one is demanding that they spend it on anything else but helping in emergencies.they explicitly and publicly said… Those funds are there for when crap really hits the fan… And they have to go all out.

      We'll be grateful at that time that they didn't just offer one fell swoop of a 6,250 payday to all of its members like some tax return that people almost instantaneously spend…like the consumerist behavior we're all conditioned to inevitably repeat.

  2. 🙄 still on that anon? ❤️❤️luv ya but China, the US, Europe, etc. have far more than we few faithful do. It sounds great for us to send our food storage, money storage, 40 hour kits etc. right now, but if you go taking everything we’ve saved for stormy days to come, then how are we going to help you and our children when things get really serious? We all know this is a drop in the bucket. We are already helping with the virus, but we have an obligation to all of God’s children to stay prepared for the future that we know is coming. 😊

  3. I guess I’m assuming you’re a regular anon, but if not, remember that Pres. Nelson is a close friend to the Chinese. They generally respect his goodness. He introduced open heart surgery to them and saved prominent lives. He personally contacted Chinese officials to see how we could help with the outbreak. And we are giving accordingly. We may not be as involved as the anti-faith groups but we are doing our best. 😊. And, speaking of critical groups, perhaps they could share some more uplifting stories about their adventures in helping the Chinese? That would be awesome!

  4. Not so sure it really falls to anyone else to prove their metal when it's Jeff who's has advanced the argument that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints has demonstrated unique prescience in advocating home worship. So far as I'm concerned none of the rest of us claims to be guided by direct contact with god through prophets. Certainly not the CDC which has marshaled federal facilities and taken direct steps to isolate contagion. Nor can I think of many organizations with $100billion at their disposal. Other countries and organizations will respond as they do and I have no doubt would be able to do much more with those kinds of resources.

    I guess we'll just have to continue to wait and watch to see what has to befall mankind before the church responds with charity beyond medical technology that's three quarters of a century old. …or were you joking that Nelson's particular medical achievement (to which he was a part of a large team, BTW) represents response to the corona virus?

  5. Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

    "Direct contact" is an interesting concept, but those of us who believe the Bible understand that God answers those who ask, seek, etc.

    I didn't know Pres. Nelson was part of a large team of heart surgeons who worked together to teach the Chinese about heart surgery in Mandarin, and to perform surgery as a team etc. I noticed the pictures on the link below had just one white guy receiving a painting etc. Probably just 1 representing the entire team tho. And the team is their "old friend" who called on speaker and asked what they could do to help with the 2019 version of corona virus and was told to donate masks etc.?

    I don't understand this article in the Des. News tho?

    "Elder Nelson promised to send his former surgical partner in his place. Politely, the Chinese said they only had confidence in Dr. Nelson, not his partner.

    After all, he was their dear friend, the man who introduced open-heart surgery to China in 1980, when as a visiting professor who could speak some Mandarin he spent a month living in an apartment that had hot water between 5 and 8 p.m." with a committee of Dr. Nelsons. 🙂


    I searched RFM and found interesting clarifying headlines (not exactly these but you get the gist):

    "CDC miraculously predicted 2019-nCOV in 2012 and started developing and training with a pilot program to help members stay indoors."

    "HateGroup stops global warming by donating $100 billion saved from sales of hate-books, videos, movies, and so on. The hategroup planned to donate the money to help themormonchurch recover from donating to the needy and to stop themormonchurch from saving money, food, etc. for future donations to the needy but, since our government has wasted trillions on silly projects (e.g. donating to corrupt Russian banks, since they've been failing to stop outbreaks of corona viruses for over a century) the hategroup felt themormonchurch should donate more to taxes and then the hategroup would step in and be the hero."

    I asked them to clarify further but they explained that there were many people reading who were hurting from being lied to and they didn't think it was a good idea to start telling the truth at this point….

    so confusing there…

  6. Jeff you aren't an expert in this. You need to cool it. You're stirring up things you don't understand and that you're getting from untrustworthy sources. Do you know there have been worse flus before? Do you know there was a pandemic in 2009? Do you know the current flu strain is more dangerous and deadly than the coronavirus?
    Stop weighing in on things you don't understa—oh wait, I forgot where I was for a moment.
    The real reason the church is reigning it in is because 3 hours is too much! The doctrines taught every week in LDS churches isn't correlated properly. Every week from the pulpit we hear false doctrine from unchecked leaders and teachers. That has to be stopped. When the church announces they don't teach the clearly racist things from the BoM anymore, only to turn around to see a BYU professor claiming we still teach those exact things, there's a clear problem with messaging.

  7. You're straining so hard to find bits of wisdom coming from your mother corporation that you'll grasp any straw, no matter how ridiculous. It's all in your head, pal.

  8. Sorry, I didn't say that "unique prescience" was involved nor that the move was an amazing miracle of some kind. I said the change was timely. Not even uniquely timely. Not "wow, folks, this totally proves the Church is true, even more than the Book of Mormon." I was giving an update on how the Church is coping in China. It looks shut down, decimated, but members of the Church in China are better prepared than they were a year ago to cope and continue with home-centered worship. A tiny positive in the midst of a terrible tragedy, but a reminder of how we can continue to function in times of crisis.

  9. "Jeff you aren't an expert in this. You need to cool it. You're stirring up things you don't understand and that you're getting from untrustworthy sources."

    Seriously, you are upset that I'm recommending people prepare for possible trouble in the future? You don't think it's a good idea to have food storage, soap, face masks, in case this virus or any other disease (flu included!) creates a dangerous situation in your community?

    I recognize that the CDC isn't always accurate, but felt that the quote I provided is still worth considering. If you disagree with them, that's fair, but how about explaining why?

    Gabriel Leung, chair of public health medicine at Hong Kong University, is an expert in relevant fields who recently said that if this new coronavirus isn’t halted, it could infect 60 per cent of the world’s population and kill 1 in 100 of those infected – around 50 million people. Others think the actual mortality rate is much higher. The data we have access to hasn't always been clear or reliable — partly because the definition of who is infected has been changed several times, and perhaps due to some natural, good faith confusion as various levels of government try to assess and properly rectify data. As for Dr. Leung's estimate, New Scientist magazine explores whether he could be right. Their analysis is reasonable and recognizes it might be possible, but there is so much we don't know. Based on what we've seen in the couple of weeks since that article, I think the concerns are even greater. I refer to indications that the required quarantine period may need to be even greater than 14 days and that those who recover may still be infected again, along with evidence of higher death rates.

    Yes, it's well known that the flu has killed many more than this virus or SARS, MERS, etc. But there are some very significant differences with this Corona virus. Unlike typical flu, with an average incubation period of 2 days, the corona virus incubation period is much longer, and people can be contagious long before they show signs of a fever. Further, we don't have the situation of natural immunity to the virus among a significant number of people already, so the potential to halt the spread is further reduced. And did you see the paper by Indian researchers explaining why the AIDS-like features of the Coronavirus genome make it especially virulent? They may have erred and have been widely criticized on social media for suspecting that the four insertions seemingly from AIDS were not "fortuitous," which spurred panic and extreme theories about an engineered bioweapon. But the important thing is that this has genetic elements that make it much more virulent than other corona virus strains we've encountered. It's fair to remain on guard. Don't believe all the crazy rumors and don't hate China or the Chinese people (but pray for them!), but do learn from this and be prepared, just in case. Don't panic, but be wise.

  10. I don’t see any racism in the BofM. Yes, there is an underlying teaching that at least some Native Americans are children of Abraham, and that, if Gentiles (Europeans, etc) will also repent and accept Christ, they will be numbered among them. And, also, while the BofM seems focused on the so called Lehite “race” (Lamanite, Nephite, etc), it makes it clear that all who accept the gospel may be adopted in. So there’s hope for conquistadors

  11. To the Anon who wants me to cool it about the Corona virus, have you seen what is now happening in Italy? Feb. 20 they has 3 cases. On the 21st, it was 20. Then on the 22nd, 79. On Feb. 23, 157 cases. Eleven towns are now locked down. The nation is declaring an emergency. And many grocery stores are being stripped by panicked shoppers. There have only been 3 deaths so far — but since it takes several days to die, such that deaths should be compared to cases several days ago, what is the effective mortality rate in Italy? Is it the steady 2.1% that we see in official China statistics? Or could it be a bit higher? Time will tell. But whether or not the virus is more deadly than the flu, if you are living in Italy, you may be facing disruption of the supply chain for at least a short time. Being prepared with food, water, sanitation supplies and perhaps face masks would have been a smart thing for Italians to have already done.

    By the way, do you know what is going on in Wuhan? Have you seen the reports from people there? Are you connected to anyone in China? There are reasons to believe that the government of China has good reason to be alarmed and good reason for taking the extreme and draconian measures they are taking in much of the country to try to slow the spread. It may be much more threatening than some in the West assume. I hope it's easily contained and is not a threat. I hope you are right that there is little to worry about. But is there harm in taking measures now to be prepared for whatever new disease might sweep into our communities?

  12. In saying "good reason," that doesn't mean that what is being done in China is necessarily the ideal way to cope with the problem. I don't know what is. But I don't think the draconian measures being taken are based on ridiculous concerns about just another flu season like China has experienced for many years. They see something very alarming. We may not see it from our perch, but we will learn more as we see what happens elsewhere looking at Korea, Japan, the Diamond Princess quarantine fiasco, etc.

  13. Hi, Jeff, I know it sounds presumptuous, but I think I figured out which environmental triggers are involved in making it so people exposed to this virus do/do not become symptomatic and how severe the symptoms are.
    1) Damage to the hyaline cartilage (by the immune system targeting infected cartilage cells) is much less likely to happen where the diet contains glucosamine (in shrimp paste and cartilage), where there is no exposure to dry and cold air, and where there is not bleach being sprayed in the air (seriously, have Hubei's bureaucrats never heard of chemical pneumonia?).
    2) The cartilage cells, if damaged, think they have to rebuild the hyaline cartilage matrix and so secrete chondroitin sulphate and other cartilage matrix molecules; the gene SOX9 is very instrumental in doing this, but if it is overly active it can cause there to be too many such molecules building up in the lungs. Voila! Viral pneumonia. What gets SOX9 going? EGCG appears to "stimulate exuberant cartilage matrix secretion" (see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4247298/), and EGCG is THE special molecule in tea leaves. What did the poor people of Wuhan ingest in their apartment quarantines: rice, veggies, legumes, and tea–no meat or shrimp. What else affects SOX9? Turmeric (curcumin decreases SOX9 activity–lucky Thailand), Fluoride (also helps decrease SOX9 activity–lucky India), Pomegranate (increases SOX9–unlucky Iran, where they drink pomegranate juice when sick). This hypothesis holds up even in Italy, where they drink wine and coffee all the time except when they're trying to lose weight or fight a cold–then they drink green tea. And it utterly refutes all the stupid internet trolls who were going on and on about how "Chinese people have horrible hygiene."
    Doctrine & Covenants 89 is a beautiful piece of counsel for our times.

    1. Try.

      We can all try. Any mitigation measures that are even somewhat sensible… They will take into account.

      I won't share the D and C with them, but appropriate timing…

      But the rest.

      What is your background?

      Thank you. Share this with as many people as possible.
      Get it up the ranks.
      Get it to the people who can sound the alarm on a millions of people, level.
      It doesn't cure the viscous, cancer like nature, but, it helps in prevention.

      And other prevention measures?
      Please share.

  14. I find this very disturbing and insensitive to those truly affected with this at the moment. The markets are reeling, peoples lives are affected and this nonsense is being spread and posted on FB. I am not a member but reading this on my Facebook feed seems extremely insular and unsympathetic to those who are suffering. If "God" is preparing for this crisis, perhaps he might have "protected" a few more of his children.

    1. God isn't preparing for the crisis.
      That point didn't make sense, and that is not what the article was claiming 🙄.

      Humanity and disease and the evolution of both play out as they have evolved to do. Build, fight, be conquered. Build fight, someone finds a cure and makes it accessible to all humanity, we win. Then a new one, and a new one.

      With 99 percent of the human race now immune to polio… It comes at a cost. Disease evolves just as fast as human immunities.
      It always will.
      Consequently,human health and immunities build and improve, and so do biomedical understanding.
      All good things come at a cost. If they didn't, we wouldn't cherish them…

      CT shared in here what can be done to strengthen the cartilage (the break down of which is one of the causes for this whole thing)…

      Eat well cooked, or non-manufactured source- glucosamine rich foods (like shrimp) to help the cartilage stay strong, and stay away from tea plant and pomegranate for a second. (pomegranates are healthy, but are rich in natural SOX9 stimulants… Which is good… But on a viral, over-production level ((what happens with this virus)) you get to much in the lungs too fast, and therefore pneumonia.

  15. Glad you're looking out for your fellow man, CT! At least you're able to admit you're full of it.
    And I'm with Colleen, this whole thing is completely tone deaf, Brother Lindsay. Now's not the time to be looking for proof of prophetic mantle, especially with all the actual problems your so-called church is going through right now.

    1. 'prophetic mantle' aside…

      Picture a disease that enters the body… Your body tries to attack it before it wreaks havoc and /or you die (
      If it is equipped to do so pretty well).

      it may be successful, but if it is not, not only is it trying to attack it, but, it is then causing the hyper productivity to prevent to fix one problem, while simultaneously creating another… A more dangerous one.

      The Hyper activity of SOX9, causing the chondroitin sulphate to build up in the lungs faster than immune systems are equipped to handle, then results in pneumonia, plus/ on top of a fever (as if that wasn't enough)?

      This is powerful information for anyone to have.
      regardless of if it is peppered with someone's personal opinion of (hey, remember that tea stuff we were told not to drink and it made no sense? Turns out… It weakens that thing, which caused the overproduction, which goes to the lungs and causes pneumonia..)… That being just one of the things. That is someone's personal relief / aha moment.

      The rest, is bioscience, and very helpful to be shared about when he knew he would be criticized for doing so.

  16. I'm not "full of it." The factors all fit the pattern of symptomatic illness. Anyone who has been to southeast Asia knows that symptomatic cases shoud have exploded there by now. Yet they haven't. There are clearly environmental factors that are protective, and I have identified some of those. Furthermore, I have dug into the biomedical research that has been done by others in order to locate a mechanism that could help explain why those features of the diets/water of southeast and south Asia could be protective.
    But I'm not a doctor, and I have no colleagues at the CDC. They get bombarded with information at government agencies. Why should they listen to me? If you know someone, then you have the responsibility to pass this on just as much as I do.

  17. Here's an interesting case study for y'all:

    A case of drug-induced pneumonia caused by sodium chondroitin sulfate
    June 2012 Japanese Journal of Chest Diseases 71(6):593-598
    T. Itoh Y. Hamanaka

    A 49-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with complaints of fever and dry cough. Chest X-ray film revealed ground-glass attenuation in both lung fields, so he was transferred to our hospital for further examination. Chest CT film showed ground-glass attenuation in both lung fields. A transbronchial lung biopsy revealed infiltration of lymphocytes and neutrophils, thickening of alveolar walls and proliferation of type II pneumocytes. By careful history taking, he admitted he had taken sodium chondroitin sulfate for one month before admission. The lymphocyte-stimulation test was positive for sodium chondroitin sulfate. Based on the above findings, we diagnosed this case as drug-induced pneumonia caused by sodium chondroitin sulfate. He recovered after discontinuation of the drug without corticosteroid therapy.

  18. CT, thanks for sharing. I'm interested in learning more and seeking some input from friends in the biomedical community. Ferreting out the real effects in human health is notoriously difficult not just for the science but also for the politics and stubbornness of the human mind — just think of the 200 years and thousands of needless deaths that it took the wise minds behind the British Navy to finally realize that there just might be a connection between scurvy and diet, or the immense battle Ignacz Semmelweis faced in urging doctors to disinfect their hands before treating patients — but if there may be a real link between glucosamine and pneumonia, or tea drinking and the dangers of COVID-2019, then we need to explore this and take advantage of whatever new gems of knowledge might be in your discovery. Please share more with me!

  19. A nurse practitioner friend told me about this publication:

    A Case of Drug-induced Pulmonary Disease Considered to be Caused by a Supplement Containing Chondroitin
    Takeshi Satomura, Kenichi Ogata

    Background. Drug-induced pulmonary disease can be caused by a variety of drugs including supplements. We examined a case of drug-induced organizing pneumonia induced by a supplement containing chondroitin. Case. An 80-year-old man had been taking supplements for knee pain since early July 2013 and subsequently developed a cough and fever. A chest radiograph demonstrated infiltrative shadows, and he was admitted to our hospital. His condition did not improved with antibiotic treatment and bronchoscopy was performed for diagnostic purposes. A transbronchial lung biopsy specimen showed organizing pneumonia, and the patient's condition was ameliorated with steroid therapy. We established a diagnosis of drug-induced pulmonary disease based on the results of a lymphocyte stimulation test for a supplement containing chondroitin. Conclusions. We conclude that the use of supplements containing chondroitin may result in drug-induced pulmonary disease.


  20. Colleen, I'm sorry your offended by the story of how the Church in Asia is coping with the virus. The story certainly isn't meant to minimize the extensive suffering in China that I've mentioned many times here and elsewhere, but to point out that as we face similar challenges of locked-down communities for any future crises, we can continue our religious life using the home-centered worship approach that has been recently implemented. This blog is about religious life and thought for members of the Church, so I felt discussing how that is impacted by social change due to health threats might be relevant.

    And for the second time, to those who think I'm showing "proof" of some miracle or prophetic mantle, I think you didn't read the post very carefully. I used no such words. I'm giving an update on what life is like for those in my branch and district in China, and in the Asia Area of the Church. The home-centered program was timely. That's the word I used. If you want to think that means proof of prophetic manual, feel free, but that's not what I said.

  21. And in lighter reading, a travel blogger recorded the following:

    Italian Food Rules – Italians Only Drink Tea When They Are Sick
    February 3, 2013 Florence, Italian Food Rules, Mangia! Mangia!food, Italian Food Rules
    Tea drinkers of the U.K. and the U.S. might as well give up the idea of a good “cuppa” in Italy. Italians only drink tea when they are sick – at home.

    You can ask for, and receive, hot tea in a coffee bar. First, the barista will give you a searching glance from a distance to see if you are obviously infectious. Then, he will run some hot water out of the coffee machine into a cappuccino-cup. The water will be unfiltered tap water, which may taste great, but in Florence, for example, is highly mineralized, a taste hidden easily by coffee, but not by tea. And, having passed through the coffee machine, the water will have the odor, if not the taste, of stale coffee.


  22. And as to the outbreak in Qom, Iran, another travel website reports:

    "In Qom, there are various cafes and fruit juice shops. Pomegranate juice is popular and is said to heal the sick. In the winter when it snows, hot chocolate and Persian tea (châi) are available."


    Remember that pomegranate increases SOX9, which means more secretion of cartilage matrix repair materials.

  23. If only the medical community were made aware that the deaths are due to diet rather than a virulent virus, thousands of lives could be saved!

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