When I accidentally ran into, I initially wondered if it was some kind of LDS Asian cooking site, or perhaps a site for Mormon soybean farmers. No, it’s actually a decent pro-LDS site in Spanish. For example, they’ve got some good pro-LDS articles in Spanish, such as Daniel Peterson’s “A Scholar Examines Book of Mormon Evidences.”

I’ve had several people ask me about LDS apologetics materials in Spanish. Please let me know if you are aware of other useful sites.

If SoyMormon is a Spanish site, would BeanMormon be German? And could there be a Mandarin equivalent? Shr!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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  1. I think we need more apologetic sites for LDS around the world, especially for Spanish speakers. LDS the world over face similar questions and issues about doctrine or history, etc. that should be addressed in an equally skillfull and insightful way as they are in a few of the best English sites. There are also many different types of challenges to faith that only certain cultures and societies face that could also be addressed. I attend a Spanish-speaking ward and I know it would help several to have a place to look deeper into the issues/questions of the many different topics of the Gospel. A lot of the answers and explanations to FAQ’s and other complex and difficult issues are very watered down and to some degree unsatisfactory in foreign languages.

    It looks like is a good start for Spanish-speaking members but pales in comparison to the best English sites (FARMS, FAIR, Jeff Lindsay, among others). Perhaps part of the problem is very few LDS apologetic books are translated into Spanish, so it’s a problem of having resources to cull from. Also, I would venture to guess from my experiences, most members in foreign countries (for example, Latin America) are not extremely educated, so there are very few people, if any, who could provide the kind of insight you find in the U.S./English sites. Perhaps, the Church will have to be more established in certain areas of the world before we can expect to see better apologetic web sites.

  2. IF ANY????…..forgive me but i knew a lot of people from latinamerica who are well educated and not just go to america regularly, they brought books in english as crazy!… could be the minority, but ANY! i would not say that.

  3. Interestingly, I lasted 4 years to know that the great Jeff Lindsay visited and wrote a commentary about it. It's a high pleasure to read this note. I'm JPMarichal, the founder and manager of the site. Sadly, is not online today, mainly because my heavy schedule as a bishop.

    I created the site with several purposes. One, to translate many LDS materials and put it at reach of Spanish-spoken LDS. Second, to put on march a dynamic that would make LDS ponder, through provoking them to write, that is, for me, a way of pondering, and because reading, pondering and praying is the way to receive inspiration. Third, to create an increasing knowledge repository. Fourth, to create a communication tool to put in contact LDS around the world. Spirituality was cared through security: anti-mormons were not pretty welcomed, so people had the confidence to ask freely, without being atacked. In such an environment, kind relationships and questions flourished. Some baptisms and temple marriages were the most impressive fruit.

    The project was a pioneer in its kind. But it was unfortunately attached to my person, resources and time. There were too few delegation and when my schedule became heavy and my finances lower, the project had to be suspended.

    I hope to rise some other projects in the future. Maybe the great Lindsay and the readers of this site may lighten me with some nutritive ideas. You know my email: As a friend I'm at your reach ever.

    Thanks for your kind comment, brother Jeff.

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