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Mormons Called Emerging Economic Tribe” is an old story about Joel Kotkin’s notable book Tribes: How Race, Religion and Family Determine Success in the New Global Economy. Kotkins discussing new emerging economic tribes including Jews, the Chinese, the Japanese, the British and the Indians. But he also identifies the Mormons as having the characteristics of a global tribe.

One thing about the global Mormon tribe that deserves special emphasis, though, is the high level of trust that exists in the network. At dinner the other night, I was gathered with a number of fellow tribe members. The discussion of Mormons as a tribe came up and people were observing how remarkable it is to outsiders that we can move to a new city, find out who the local Young Women’s leader is, and instantly get a recommendation from this stranger for a baby sitter that can be trusted. What I find remarkable and wonderful is that I can travel to a new part of the world, find the Church, and instantly have people that treat me like friends, and who will gladly help me figure out how to get around and survive. And what I really like is just how fun those crazy Mormons are. Some people are surprised at how much fun people can have getting together without liquor, just socializing or sharing talents (ward talent shows–usually a riot) or joining together in community service. Such a great tribe.

You’ll be surprised at how diverse this tribe is. A few minutes with the Mormons of Shanghai, for example, will shatter many stereotypes. What an incredible group of people we have here from so many cultures and countries. I just checked our roster, and it turns out we still have openings in our tribe. Come join us!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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