Go Irish!?

A friend of mine at work, a Notre Dame alumnus, sent me email today that included this non-confidential postscript:

P.S. Now with Notre Dame playing BYU this weekend, I hope we are still friends regardless of the outcome !!!

My response included this:

And what makes you think I’ll be rooting for BYU? Doing well in football takes everyone’s mind off their studies. Winning the National Championship in 1984 when I was there was the equivalent of performing about 30,000 temporary lobotomies. Go Irish!

OK, deep down I want BYU to win, but even more than that I would like BYU students to do their best to excel and prepare for the increasingly challenging times ahead.

Go Cougars! And Irish.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

14 thoughts on “Go Irish!?

  1. When I played for the University of Wisconsin BYU wanted to play us. We sent our Junior Varsity team to play them. And BYU was offended.

  2. I grew up in a mostly Irish catholic home(everything except for our last name), and now am faithful LDS. I cannot lose with this mathchup.

  3. When I attended BYU 1988-1992, I never attended a sporting event. I wasn’t actively against sports, I just possessed neither the time nor the money to acquire tickets or to go to games.

    I do find it curious how closely people identify themselves with their schools’ teams. People who have no affiliation with the team other than happening to attend the same school (or live in the same city, etc.) nearly always speak in the first person–“we won” or “we lost.” I gradually migrated to openly admitting that I wasn’t on the team, so that if someone asked “Did we win?” I would playfully reply, “No, THEY won–WE aren’t on the team.”

  4. I attended Texas A&M and there is a definite feeling of being a part of the football “team.”

    Anyhow, if Notre Dame had beaten USC, I would feel a whole lot better about BYU’s chances this weekend. They might have been so high from the victory they would discount BYU. Now they will come in with something to prove and I am very, very afraid.

  5. “They should have sent the varsity. It looks like BYU won that game and went on to finish 12-1 that year. Foolish coaches or bad joke?”

    Yea they did win. Something like 21-3. I remember McMahon having a pretty big game.

  6. I severely hope BYU wins, because it would give me bragging rights in my Pre-Cal class. We spend the first ten minutes going over sports- the Astros, NCAAF, Pro Football, and the occasional women’s volleyball.

  7. After watching the USC/Notre Dame heartstopper recently I think some form of “sealing power” grade miracle will be required for BYU to have a chance. 😛

  8. Anonymous Wisconsin…
    They should have sent the varsity. It looks like BYU won that game and went on to finish 12-1 that year.

    It was a real bad joke—my apologies. When Elder Wirthlun was here to speak to priesthood leadership he made a similar joke regarding the U. of Utah and BYU.

  9. NFL >>>>> College

    Including my alma mater, BYU. Went to one football and one basketball game in my 2 years at the Y. I just have never been big into college sports.

  10. I don’ think the stomping was that bad. The game was still a game in the 3rd…a lot of people wouldn’t have given BYU even that much credit before the game.

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