Changes in the Book of Mormon

Changes in the Book of Mormon” by Royal Skousen is valuable reading about the nature of the changes made in the text. What I find especially interesting is the consistency in the wording of various phrases in the original text, a consistency that apparently was not appreciated by Joseph Smith himself.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Changes in the Book of Mormon

  1. Overall, I think the article was thought-provoking. However, since the Book of Mormon is alleged to be a compilation of books and writings spanning several centuries, couldn’t parallel parasitology hint at a common author of a book written during a short time period? I realize that there are idioms within languages that are common within those languages, but the English of 400 years ago is vastly different than the English in the subsequent centuries.

  2. Oh my. One of the times spell check has failed me, and my point may be ill-taken. I am unaware of any parasites within the Book of Mormon, especially those which are parallel. I meant to say phraseology. With that said, I think that Jeff should do another contest like he did with the piano and orange half, trying to find the best example of parallel parasitology within the BoM!

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