A Brief Reprieve from Insanity: Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Partial Birth Abortion

Wonderfully, the lives of some viable children may be spared after five of the nine Supreme Court Justices ruled that it’s OK to ban the grotesque and absolutely unnecessary slaying of helpless children as they are about to be born. A well-written law, coupled with overwhelming evidence from the medical community that PBA is bad medicine and that it has NEVER been needed for the physical health of the mother made upholding the ban a no brainer for all but the most hardened. The fact that four justices still wanted to discard that law, and that many leading politicians are outraged over the ban, is chilling.

The blood of innocents is still poured out upon this land by the tens of thousands. The abortion industry rakes in big bucks, profiting from the immorality of millions. The glimmer of hope around partial birth abortion is still too faint to overcome the darkness. May we stand for life!

(And shame on some parts of the media for their biased coverage on this story, going to great lengths to push their pro-abortion agenda.)


Author: Jeff Lindsay

8 thoughts on “A Brief Reprieve from Insanity: Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Partial Birth Abortion

  1. I just don’t understand how people could go through an abortion. I’ve spoken and heard from some people who have had abortions and they regret it!

  2. Fear, anguish, panic – and an offer for an easy way out. It can seem pretty logical and straightforward as packaged, for those in trouble or not wanting a child. Some of the most wonderful women I know have fallen into that trap, and with the help of the Atonement, have moved forward and become amazing saints. But there is a huge difference between an abortion of what you think is just a small clump of cells, and the brutal act of slaying a living baby as it emerges from the womb. Partial birth abortion is not just a “procedure” or a “an abortion method” as the press likes to label it. It is infanticide. No sane person can understand what is being done without recognizing it as a depraved act of murder. That baby is ready to live, on its way to being born, and they create the fiction of “abortion” rather than infanticide by killing him or her brutally before it is completely born.

    Monstrous! How appalling that there are famous politicians who support it and bemoan this small step – the banning of PBA – to protect the innocent among us.

  3. Would alleged Mormon Harry Reid be among those famous politicians?

    From Family Research Council news:

    While pro-lifers celebrated the Supreme Court victory on partial-birth abortion, the mood on Capitol Hill was far less jubilant. House and Senate leaders seem perturbed that such a devastating blow to abortion was dealt on their watch. For liberal lawmakers, who have become accustomed to waging–and winning–their battles in activist courts, this news came as a shock. Such a shock, that leaders like Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) seemed to momentarily forget what their position on the issue avowedly is. Despite voting for a partial-birth abortion ban every time it came up in Congress, Reid commented yesterday, “I would only say that this is the only decision a lot of us wish that Alito weren’t there and O’Connor were there.” FRC has called for a clarification from the majority leader. Not surprisingly, most of the media have focused on the reaction of the 2008 presidential contenders. Since Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was the only Illinois legislator to vote against the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act in 2003 (a vote deemed so “extreme” that even NARAL refused to score it), few were surprised that he announced his displeasure with the PBA ruling. Nor did we need guess what Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) would say. “It is precisely this erosion of our constitutional rights that I warned against when I opposed the nominations of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito.” Among Republicans, Gov. Mitt Romney, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and Sen. Sam Brownback (Kans.) all called the decision a victory. Only Rudy Giuliani offered tepid support for the ban, saying, simply, “I agree with it.”

  4. I find it interesting that some politicians have called this decision “one more step on the slippery slope which errodes women’s reproductive rights.” I would couter that is not a step on that slippery slope but rater, a step on the slippery slope toward murder. Because with one more push the baby is born and is viable.

    I am a huge believer in reproductive responsibilites, not rights–responsibilities. If more people respected the power with in themselves to create life, we would not even have to have these types of court cases.

    I’m thankful that the Court made this decision. As one who has suffered thru infertility, pregnancy loss and such, I know we would be happy to have any unwanted child in our home.

  5. I’ll believe that you are “standing for life” if you also oppose capital punishment and non-defensive, pre-emptive war. If so, then congratulations, you are consistently pro-life. Otherwise, you are partially pro-life, but mostly pro-death. WWJD?

  6. The Church’s stance on abortion is surprisingly liberal and not at all in line with the far “Christian” right. Women are baptized into the LDS Church each year who have had an abortion. It does not require special sanction from SLC, only a bishop’s interview. Someone who has been convicted of murder requires sanction from SLC. What does that tell you?
    The Church’s stand on capital punishment, however, is unfortunate.

  7. Baptism doesn’t require a Bishop’s interview (unless you are under 8). Someone who has had an abortion would have to meet with the Mission President.

  8. Just want to clarify (before the barbs) – the Bishop interviews those under 9 for baptism. 9 and above its the missionaries, etc.

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